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List of restaurants in Tennessee that prohibit the lawful carry of firearms

Voting with Dollars. Cue accusations of intimidation.

From this article:

This is not a right-to-bear arms issue. It’s about creating a problem for businesses when there was not one before

The only problem is that you have to put up a sign to prohibit it. You’ve been given a choice instead of the state dictating what you can and cannot do.

I suppose that someone should start a list of restaurants that will prohibit the lawful carrying of arms at their establishment. That way, you don’t waste your time or money going there and then noticing their sign:

Neely’s BBQsource.

Cabana Nashvillesource

Paradise Parksource

Sunset Grillsource. Note to the owner: your current sign does not abide by Tennessee Code Annotated.

Rooster’s Bar and Grillsource.

Wild Wing Cafesource.

Jimmy’s Original Southern Pub is a maybe – source.

Midtown Cafesource

More as I get them. Feel free to send me more with an appropriate cite. Or leave them in comments.

12 Responses to “List of restaurants in Tennessee that prohibit the lawful carry of firearms”

  1. Bitter Says:

    It would probably be easier to compile on a page and then just announce updates via a post periodically. That way there’s a one-stop source that people can peruse quickly.

    Next time my mom heads down to Nashville, I’ll ask her to write down any that are posted and email you.

  2. JL Says:

    I have worked for the fine owner of Cabanna. Mr. Rayburn is your typical reactionary Democrat. He will make a lot of noise about this as he holds court next door over a bottle of wine. But in the end? He won’t post the proper signage. This is simply theatre for his more delicate customers.

    His establishment is one of those that this bill was designed to specifically address. What happens when you mix the wealthy from Greenhills with the folks that distribute street side pharmaceuticals? There have been several crimes committed in the parkinglots outside both Cabanna and Sunset. A smart businessman would advertise “half price” desserts with the presentation of a CCW card. But not Randy. He would rather make the blind sheep “feel” safe while actively making them less safe.

  3. Joe Huffman Says:

    Do restaurants just put up signs that say “No Colored People Allowed” as well? Does Tennessee Code Annotated define how those signs are to be displayed?

  4. Rustmeister Says:

    I can’t provide a cite, but the local news keeps showing Bosco’s Squared with a (non-regulation) “No Guns” sign posted.

  5. TNProgrammer Says:

    Well, I’m not affected by these, at least. Rooster’s has awful atmosphere and Wild Wing Cafe has awful wings. Still disheartening that (some) people are that focused on something with so little impact on their business… Provided, of course, they don’t post a TCA no-guns sign, in which case they’ll probably experience a net loss, except perhaps on campus.

  6. hsoi Says:

    Take a look at:

    It’s a website with a user-created/supported database of places in Texas that post 30.06 signs (as per Texas law) prohibiting concealed carry. A nice way to help spread the word about such places for whatever purpose it may serve.

    Consider creating a similar such website. It’ll scale better.

  7. LeftWingCracker Says:

    Outstanding, this is a win-win situation for all of us. I get to go where I feel safe, and you get to avoid it! Once we’re going at my site, you can link to it and we’ll compare notes.

  8. Linoge Says:

    Well, assuming someone does not mind as the web address (refencing the appropriate TN State Code), I could be convinced to host a forum like that…

  9. Linoge Says:

    Or we could just use the site the anti-rights folks already created for us…

  10. SayUncle Says:

    You go ‘feel safe’ LWC, and I’ll actually ‘be safe’.

  11. Linoge Says:

    For those interested in such things, is now live, though I am still working out some kinks.

  12. Linoge Says:

    Also, Wendi Thomas, noted hoplophobic writer at the Commercial Appeal, has started another webpage documenting restaurants that ban firearms here:

    Not sure why I am bothering with the forum, if the anti-rights folks are going to do all the work for us.

    Also, Wendi has already made it clear that she has installed the “Reasoned Discourse” module at that site.

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