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Iím a strong supporter of 2nd amendment rights and feel that gun ownership, while a huge responsibility, is a right provided by the Constitution. I donít think people NEED AK-47ís or anything like that, and they sure as hell donít NEED automatics, but who am I to tell someone what kind of gun they go hunting with, as long as theyíre hunting for something other than people.

The Constitution provides no rights. It limits the .gov’s ability to muck with pre-existing rights. People don’t NEED lots of things.

9 Responses to “Barbaric”

  1. Ron W Says:

    If “the people” don’t “need” semi-auto rifles such as AK-47’s, then certainly their EMPLOYEES to which the people “delegate powers” don’t need them. Remember: the greater delegatges to the lesser.

  2. Spook45 Says:

    Being a Constitutional Scholar, I have heard this argument before. For all of those who persue this idea……GO READ THE FEDERALIST PAPERS. The Constitution is designed to LIMIT GOVERNMENT and give the POWER to THE PEOPLE. Good luck, you need it.
    P.S when people ask that magic ?? Why do you need an AK47, it is the most obvious of answers…..BACAUSE I CAN. EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS

  3. Chas Says:

    I need my AK’s for the satisfaction of my desire to own them. Owning them also dispels the ignorance of them. Apparently, some people not only don’t have a problem with being ignorant of AK’s, they don’t even a problem with imposing such ignorance on others. Such people, with their support for government imposed prohibition that mandates ignorance, are dangerous.

  4. Wolfwood Says:

    “You got a problem with the ‘pursuit of happiness?'”

  5. Helvetix Says:

    Yeah, well, to start with: The 2nd amendment ain’t about huntin’ and fishin’.

    Being a “strong supporter of of 2nd amendment rights” then bringing up something about “hunting” just means you don’t get it. If you haven’t gotten it by now, you won’t.


  6. Kristopher Says:

    Another bigot claiming to be a gun-owner just before launching a victim-disarmament screed.

  7. JJR Says:

    I’m a mild mannered librarian and I own a WASR-10 (AK clone). Am I anti-social? A threat to civil society?
    I own my AK clone as a hedge against a breakdown of civil society…

  8. Brutal Hugger Says:

    The problem with saying the Constitution creates no rights is that it leaves us wondering where rights come from. Who or what creates them?

    To my mind, rights are as imaginary as gods. They’re concepts. We assign certain values the status of rights because we believe those values are super special. But there’s nothing intrinsic there. There’s nothing inherent in the physical rules of the universe or the innate construction of people and society that enshrines rights. We make up the rights because we value them. But pretending those rights have meaning aside from that we give them is fooling ourselves.

    The Constitution documents our society’s agreement as to the values we treat as rights. That might be good enough, and in a lot of cases we need not resort to inventing foreign systems of values to protect the things we hold most dear.

  9. straightarrow Says:

    Uncle got it all in his entry. Not much left to say.

    BH, as for rights being imaginary or whatever, try taking mine, I assure you the consequences will be real. Not meant as a challenge, merely an illumination.