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WECSOG* Approved

Make your own thread protector.

* Wile E. Coyote School of Gunsmithing.

3 Responses to “WECSOG* Approved”

  1. USCitizen Says:

    Soon to be featured in the ACME Thread Protector Company catalog!

  2. Kristopher Says:

    It’s only a truye WECSOG job if you injure yourself during the process.

    In the original FALFiles threads, you were required to post pics of your injuries as well as picks of your finished scratch-built FAL.

  3. mostly cajun Says:

    Wiley E. Coyote would have bought one from ACME, had it delivered in a large crate, the crate would have fallen on him. Then the part would not have worked.

    That AUG stock for a 10/22 is WECSOG…


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