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Lamar on his anti-gun vote

He issued a lame statement:

I have consistently been a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights, but this legislation goes too far – further than President Reagan, further than President Bush, and further than Tennessee law.

Neither Bush was exceptionally friendly to gun rights. While Reagan signed the Firearms Owners Protection Act, it also contained the Hughes amendment.

10 Responses to “Lamar on his anti-gun vote”

  1. wizardpc Says:

    The more he speaks, the better I feel about voting against him last election.

  2. Hartley Says:

    “Lame” isn’t nearly a strong enough term. What are the odds any of our Media will call him on it, though?

  3. J Richardson Says:

    When you have the avowed socialist from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, voting in the affirmative, it is going to be really hard to defend an anti-gun vote like this.

  4. RAH Says:

    There are those who give lipservice to the 2A and those who believe it. Bernie Sanders lives in state that never worried about the freedom of is citizens to have guns and can project that non worry about having guns in parks.

    Sen. Alexander lives in a state that until recently did fear guns in its’ citizens hands and his vote reflects that.

  5. JKB Says:

    Yeah, I’m done with him. Alexander voted for the mandatory “volunteerism” as well. He seems to vote consistently against the interest of free America. He’s not up for re-election anytime soon and perhaps he is just doing his exit term. Hope he got some cash for that vote as I believe it’s going to cost him.

  6. Huck Says:

    “I have consistently been a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights, but…”

    Everytime I hear that I know that the speaker is NOT a supporter of Second Ammendment rights. Words are just hot air, actions speak the truth.

  7. ATLien Says:

    Politicians only care about their own worthless skins. If a politician goes against the obvious will of his constituents, the only solution is to take him down.

  8. Ken Says:

    This speaks badly of Alexander for two reasons. First, there’s the obvious fact that he is no friend of the Second Amendment. But also, with a weird vote like this we have to seriously consider that he may be under blackmail.

  9. Lyle Says:

    Does it go “further” than the constitution?

  10. Harry Statel Says:

    It’s amazing how rich Alexander has become in his thirty years since governor. Kickbacks,sweetheart-deals, destroyed the Tennessee Parks system with his political cronies.Check his balance ledger

    I wish I could wipe my ass with his flannel shirt and we’d see it matches his cow-patty eyes and crap-filled heart.

    Wonder if he knows the meaning of hypocrisy, but he can view it everyday when he shaves. Shame on him.He needs to pack a gun just like Naifeh. Something about the blood of tyrants needed to feed the tree of liberty from time to time. Just ask Tomas Jefferson.