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FBI Data

On officers killed in the line of duty. Down 17 from last year:

Firearms were the weapons most often used in these slayings. Of the 35 officers killed with firearms, 25 were killed with handguns, five with rifles, four with shotguns, and one officer was murdered with an unknown type of firearm. Four officers were killed by vehicles, and two officers died from injuries as a result of a bomb.

At the time of their deaths, 30 of the law enforcement officers were wearing body armor. Ten officers fired their weapons, and four of the officers attempted to fire their weapons. Six officers had their weapon stolen, and four officers were killed with their own weapons.

3 Responses to “FBI Data”

  1. thirdpower Says:

    They were wearing body armor?

    According to Brady Campaign endorsed NY Assemblyman Doon, the only reason they would do that would be to commit crimes.

  2. Matt Groom Says:

    All those additional firearms sales are already having a positive impact on crime. More armed citizens, fewer cops killed. I love being on the side of truth and justice.

  3. straightarrow Says:

    For consistency’s sake shouldn’t Helmke and ilk be clamoring for disarming the police? That is what they do for other victim populations who suffer murder.

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