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This year’s SayUncle Creativity in Guns Award goes to

Billll for his pedal-powered air gun. Ok, then.

5 Responses to “This year’s SayUncle Creativity in Guns Award goes to”

  1. Mikee Says:

    And here I have been using fossil fuels (well, Aqua Net hair spray or Butane) all these years in my single shot Spud Gun. I am humbled.

    Note: The term “Spud Gun” above refers to a device used in accordance with all applicable Texas and Federal laws and regulations regarding the use of unregistered devices of this nature for pyrotechnic use only. Because I think the local gendarmes would look unkindly upon illegal spud flinging, but making loud noises on holidays is perfectly legal. Really, that’s how it works here in Texas. Nobody EVER shoots spuds out of their spud guns. Nobody. Not even my teenage son. Ever.

  2. Ed Rasimus Says:

    Part of the reason no spuds from spud guns in TX is that we all have the regular kind and plenty of practice…at least I do.

    Of course, no one in TX has ever emptied another can of beer or two on the spot to build a bigger and better spud gun…

    Well, hardly ever.

  3. Mikee Says:

    And testing the device in an open field far from anyone’s sight or hearing, we definitely do NOT use a potato in the barrel to keep the hair spray held in until ignition, because that would be wrong. Very, very, very wrong.

    As I have explained to my son more than once when I spotted him walking through the house with a can of hair spray with friends in tow, along with detailed directions to locations well out of public view near our home.

  4. Matt Groom Says:


  5. Billll Says:

    The authorities are usually more concerned with where the projectiles land than with where they come from, which would account for the booming potato crops just over the border in Oklahoma, southern Colorado, etc. etc.

    “Vunce de ‘taters are up,
    who cares vere zey come down.
    Zat’s not my department,
    says Werner Von Braun.”

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