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Fun wiff maff

So, what is it about accountants being gun bloggers?

4 Responses to “Fun wiff maff”

  1. Curtis Lowe Says:

    I don’t know…But I am one too! Wierd.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Me too. What’s up with that? (OK, I’m not technically a gun-blogger. I’m a political/current events blogger with a picture of myself in the header shooting my EBR.)

  3. tgirsch Says:

    If I had to stare at numbers all day, I’d probably need to shoot some shit too.

  4. Vote For David Says:

    What tgirsch said, plus an accountant has to consider objective reality for a job. If they look beyond the ledger and consider reality they will see it’s a dangerous place and they can do something to help defend themselves.

    Or maybe accountants are more prone to say what they do. Who knows.