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The other 4/20

VPC mailer on the anniversary of Columbine blames gun laws. No mention that 19 gun control laws were broken by the duo.

3 Responses to “The other 4/20”

  1. Kevin Baker Says:

    Did anyone mention the bombs? Over 100 bombs that would have killed dozens if not hundreds had the two been just a bit more competent?

  2. treefroggy Says:

    Actually, it was a trio, since several of the guns were straw purchases by an older female friend of theirs.
    For some reason she was never prosecuted for the straw purchases. So much for enforcing the laws we already have.

  3. Stranger Says:

    WEEEL – everything considered I would blame the media for Columbine.

    It has been demonstrated that juvenile violence explodes eight years after the first TV station opens in a “market,” and adult criminal violence goes through the roof 14 years “after TV.” The sole exceptions are those newly vidioted jurisdictions that ban airing violence of any sort. While a mere 9,000 positive samples with no negatives are not “proof,” they sure as Sheol establish the existence of a trend.

    You can pretty much sum the situation up by saying violence is contagious and TV is the vector.