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Guns in parks

Court upholds rules on firearms in national parks pending, and I am not making this up, an environmental assessment.

5 Responses to “Guns in parks”

  1. Linoge Says:

    I give even money that we lose that “environmental assessment”.

  2. N.U.G.U.N. Blog Says:



  3. Standard Mischief Says:

    one crummy bone every eight years, and I wasn’t even done chewing on this one…

  4. Mikee Says:

    An environmental assessment will be performed. It will be challenged in the courts. This will take years to resolve. Which was the point of requiring an environmental assessment.

    However, there is zero chance that after all the possible lawsuits are resolved, and all the appeals of verdicts are completed, that the courts will find any negative effect on the environment if CHL holders are allowed to carry their firearms in national parks. So this attempt at legislation by lawsuit is an ongoing effort to weaken the civil rights supporters in favor of the human right of self defense, by costing them money and time. The other side is the losing side.

  5. Matt Groom Says:

    Green is the new Red, you know.

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