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Your Daily Dose of Mexico

Or pantalones mierda histeria

Despite being thoroughly debunked, the Mexican Gun Canard continues:

Fox News already debunked the claim that 90% of the guns involved in Mexico’s drug war come from the United States. Facts aside, the press onslaught continues in a new push for gun control.

The fact is that out of 29,000 firearms picked up in Mexico over the last two-year period for which data is available, 5,114 of the 6,000 traced guns came from the United States. While that is 90% of traced guns, it means that only 17% of recovered guns come from the United States civilian market.

UPI and the Departement of Homeland Security are still parroting the line.

The Paper of making up the Record chimes in too.

3 Responses to “Your Daily Dose of Mexico”

  1. John Hardin Says:

    It’s not even 90% either. 5114/6000=0.85233…

  2. Lyle Says:

    What to do about a contry that’s being taken over by gangsters? Give them money of course. That’s the plan. Republicans are for it too.

  3. Tom Says:

    Any idea how many of those traced guns were part of arms shipments to the mexicans to fight the drug cartels?

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