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Seen at R. Neal’s:

A friend stopped by his neighborhood market the other day and the guy at the register handed him this “report”.

It says there is a government plot to disrupt our economy and confiscate all private guns by Sept. 2009 so the U.S. can join the New World Order and adopt a global currency. President Obama was to seal the deal at the G20 summit in London. The back page lists several websites you should check out for more information “while you still can.”

I see the crazy talk is back. It has come full circle. I remember the good old days when the New World Order Black Helicopter guys said the same thing about the first George Bush. Looks like a combo of the Prison Planet/Infowars/Truther crowd. Anyway, this is some world class silliness and no one should encourage them.

55 Responses to “Conspiracy”

  1. Jay Manifold Says:

    I’m not either. They can’t do it. Zero successful predictions, zero documentation.

    Shall we all agree to revisit this topic as the Amero/NAU/UN/Mayan apocalypse deadlines pass otherwise unnoticed? That should be quite an entertaining discussion.

  2. Assistant Village Idiot Says:

    SM, I work in human services, and so have the sad misfortune of working with far left social workers and psychologists all the time. Throw in a good selection of humanities college professors in my tertiary circle, and I know the political opinions of a few hundred progressives pretty well. Not one of them is for a one world government. You can’t trumpet the small percentage who are as indicative of a movement of any force or size. I will say again – read up on confirmation bias and sit on a porch for a few days before you go any farther.

  3. Stormy Dragon Says:

    Wow, looks like a lot of your readers have been eating their Crazy-O’s

  4. straightarrow Says:

    Tam Says:
    April 10th, 2009 at 7:45 pm
    either a linguistic idiot or a(sic) historical idiot, or both.

    How about a nice, frosty mug of tu quoque?

    One should not make errors of grammar when accusing people of idiocy. It sorta softens the blow.************

    Sorry, Tam but I pronounce the ‘h’ in history. Same for historical. If you studied “istory”, good for you. But drop the hard ‘h’ in the root word if you are going to drop it later.

    Then you can say or write “an istory” or “an istorical….”.

    If that’s your best criticism, darlin’, just admit you didn’t have anything to say.

  5. straightarrow Says:

    Conspiracies have always driven politics. Always will. Not all conspiracies are generated with evil intent, not all achieve the goal they desired, but all politics, all the time, everywhere, throughout hhhhhistory (just for Tam) have been driven by conspiracy.

    Most of human endeavor has been driven by conspiracy. When people conspire to achieve an aim, that is a conspiracy. Whether it be to achieve the full complement of voluntarily submitted apple pies for the Ladies’ Auxillary Auction and Box Lunch or whether it be to kill 13 million “undesirables”.

    Of course, we could argue about grammar, and take exception to “sorta” instead of ‘sort of’. But, of course, I would never be that petty. 🙂

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