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All by its own self

Gun Kills Five Children In Washington State. I guess they are magic.

4 Responses to “All by its own self”

  1. Laughingdog Says:

    Yeah, he couldn’t possibly have killed his children in bed with something quiet, like say a knife, if a gun hadn’t been available.

    The only difference the gun made is that his suicide was a lot easier that way, and I’m just fine with it being easy for him to follow through with that step.

  2. Matt Groom Says:

    I’m gonna try to post this here, because the Socialists who run that site will probably be offended by my use of cold, hard logic. Also, I called one of the posters a moron, so…

    “I’m confused, maybe because I’m new here. What is “the gun problem”? I don’t see inanimate objects as a threat to health and safety of the larger society. I don’t think drugs cause overdoses, only the misuse of drugs cause overdoses. Alcohol and cars do not cause drunk driving. Knives do not cause stabbings, blunt instruments do not cause beatings. Guns do not cause shootings and murders. “Gun kills five…” is a logical fallacy.

    The problem here isn’t guns, it’s people. This piece of crap wigged out and killed all of his kids? That’s called “Evolution”. Now, whatever mental flaw that lame ass suffered from has been completely washed from the gene pool, and I celebrate that. You don’t see that because you aren’t smart. You only love those kids because their tragic deaths advance your agenda. If that guy had been molesting those kids you wouldn’t care and you wouldn’t have put it on your blog.

    The only thing I mourn is that more irresponsible dumb asses don’t own guns and use them as recklessly to eliminate themselves and their progeny from the gene pool. The truth is that gun owners by and large commit fewer crimes and behave more responsibly than non-gun owners. For example, they take care of themselves and don’t expect some uber-nanny state to provide for their every want and desire.

    Oh, yes, @ Robert. About the penis thing, if gun owners have small penises, why did this guy have five kids? Was his penis too small? He had a gun right? Moron.”

  3. Adam Says:

    What a moron. That author has no clue WTF he’s talking about. Just look at how he describes “cop killer bullets”:

    “I also might add that any ammo that can be labeled as the ‘cop killer’ ammo which is designed to shred the tissue of a person and spread the destruction over a wide section of the internal organs should not be allowed to be manufactured or sold. I stand with law enforcement on this one all the way.”


  4. B Smith Says:

    Guns may not be magic, but on certain occasions, they APPEAR so…witness the two times I’ve been threatened and harassed enough to produce my handgun, and the perpetrators just…vanished!! 😉

    Anyone who uses the term “cop killer bullets”, without the express intention of debunking that term, is pretty much guaranteed to be an idiot. See: “Gun show loophole”

    And, as I’ve posted elsewhere: I am one SERIOUS badass. Don’t you mess with me. I own SEVERAL guns,including military-pattern rifles, and not ONE of these dangerous killing-machines has managed to take even a single human life under my ownership. (If that indicates I have a small penis, I suppose I can live with that. It doesn’t seem to have affected my ability to attract girlfriends, anyway)