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Makes Perfect Sense

We must ban assault weapons because some psychopath shot a bunch of people with a bolt action rifle.

6 Responses to “Makes Perfect Sense”

  1. skrip00 Says:

    Where did you find that it was a bolt-action rifle? Like most news pieces, they always say ‘military style assault weapon…”

  2. Hypnagogue Says:

    The picture at was of a Remington 597 Camo — .22 lr.

    First they came for the people with 22’s, but I didn’t speak up because… wait, what?

  3. Rivrdog Says:

    The people of Alabama must have forgotten what tar, feathers and fence rail are for if one of their major cities has a such liberal paper now…

  4. DADvocate Says:

    Now, now. I have a WWII era British .303 bolt action rifle. At some point in time it was an assault weapon. The 5 shot clip makes it especially deadly.

  5. Kellene Says:

    And that would NEVER happen if assault rifles were banned!

  6. Ron W Says:

    If “assault rifles were banned” would that ban include our employees…you know, according to “the equal protection of the laws” mandated by the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? If so, I’m wondering whether our employees, who usually propose and work for such bans, would keep on working for’em?