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Haslam out of Mayors Against Guns?

I’ve followed the issue of gubernatorial candidate and Knoxville mayor Haslam and and his unfortunate membership in an anti-gun group for a bit. A reader notes:

Hey, I went to the Mayors Against Illegal Guns web site and Knoxville and Haslam are not there.

Did he quit? He did distance himself from them in the past. If he did quit, good for him!

2 Responses to “Haslam out of Mayors Against Guns?”

  1. Bitter Says:

    I wonder if he did quit or just asked them to pull his name off of promotional materials while promising to “do what he can” or some other form of politician-speak. If he did quit, I’d imagine he would have wanted to give you a heads up. What’s the point in quitting if you don’t get the publicity from it? It’s rather odd.

  2. countertop Says:

    He may have just wanted it to go away.

    and so quit and not said anything, waiting to be attacked so he could then tell his opponent in a debate – I quit months ago.

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