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WD 40

For Christmas, I bought my wife a few house cleanings from professional cleaning services. I wasn’t sure how the gift would go over but I was pleased to learn she liked the gift. Anyway, I learned last week from the cleaning lady that WD 40 works well for cleaning stainless steel. That was the cleanest our stainless kitchen has ever looked.

However, I did not know you could repair and inflate a tire with WD-40:

6 Responses to “WD 40”

  1. Sebastian-PGP Says:

    To be specific, you can use something like WD or starter fluid to set the bead on the tire…really big swamping tires are hard to bead properly with the size machines your local NTB guy uses.

    You still have to inflate it after the bead is set.

  2. Martini Says:

    you can also use gasoline, but you have to be damn careful when setting a bead this way. if you use too much of whatever flamable you run the risk of making the tire kaboom.

  3. Albert A Rasch Says:

    Those beads are so snug, that you have to lube it up to get it to pop up on the rim! Dangerous business it is.

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  4. Bobby Says:

    So, McGuyver got into offroading…

  5. johnnyreb Says:

    Cool … i’ve used starting fluid plenty of times, but never heard of WD 40.

  6. The Armed Partisan Says:

    Awesome. Awesome to the max.

    WD-40, is there anything it can’t do? I mean, other than make old french fries crispy again?

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