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The Mexican Canard

It keeps coming. Except that it’s not real. Testimony from law enforcement officials concludes that, generally, military hardware is not flowing into Mexico from the United States. We gun nuts have been saying that for years. More testimony here. The experts on the panel do not conclude that more gun control is the answer.

But this canard continues to be parroted by the press and the anti-gunners, but I repeat myself.

10 Responses to “The Mexican Canard”

  1. DirtCrashr Says:

    The Mexican Canard is like the Lead Ammo Canard, it’s a feint, a slight-of-hand trick repeated by a Media that is set on smoke-blowing.

  2. dave Says:

    “experts” or the Mayor of El Paso

  3. Rob't Malloy Says:

    Further proof that in politics – even local politics – honesty is not a feature, it’s a bug.

  4. Bert Says:

    It is the liberal mindset. Securing the border and obeying our immigration laws would take care of the drug and “gun trafficking” problems. That solution to a contrived problem is off the table. It makes too much sense.

  5. ajacksonian Says:

    Its amazing that anyone would bother to look at the US for arms for the Cartels, when back in 2002 the Library of Congress reported that the multiple contacts had by the Cartels were with operations notorious for their ability to get low cost weapons on the international black market. Now you have to ask is there any outfit in the bevy listed, as a few are just umbrella designations, that has: deep ties to international black market arms dealers, ability to get its hands on other sources of narcotics, and has the monetary ability to shift its operations to expand into Mexico? The answer is most definitively ‘yes’, and that operation has all of that plus knowledge of how to utilize one other key source of money in Mexico, perhaps better than the native government has. So when it comes to postulating either the most efficient trans-shipment smuggling operation in the US (as the weapons seen in the hands of the Cartels are not common in the US) or connections to a readily able and well connected operation that can have its own motives outside of the arms business to open up contacts, which is more likely? And the outside operator is not afraid to play international hardball with one of the worst regimes on the planet and extort more money out of them, either. That always stacks up on the side of ease of access, ease of supply, a few bits of graft in Mexico, and getting additional skill and expertise in expanding operations into the bargain. See that as a package deal and the most unlikely source becomes the US… but that takes reason, knowledge and some ability to analyze what is going on…

  6. Roger Abramson Says:

    I was visiting family in El Paso over Thanksgiving and all of the directional signs to Juarez featured two things: 1) an arrow telling you what road to take to Juarez and 2) a picture of a gun inside a circle with a slash through it.

    I’m looking at these signs thinking, screw you. If I’m driving over to that crime-infested shithole I’m taking a gun to protect myself. Forget worrying about my guns, worry about your own folks. Then they wonder why no one wants to go over there.


  7. Kirk Says:


    Wow! I wonder if the mayor could tell me where to get on of those “high powered .50 cal sniper machine guns”?

    But on second thought, it’s probably better I don’t know; there no way I could afford to ever shoot the thing, given today’s ammo prices.

  8. D Says:

    oh, yeah, ‘cuz those mexico cartels don’t know you can probably buy a shipping container full of AK’s from china for 75% less than what you can get from the US. New! With Factory Warrantee!

    OI! the stupid… it burns.

  9. markm Says:

    Or if they want real AR-15’s, just put in an order with whoever they’ve corrupted in the Mexican police or military. Chances are, if weapon came from the USA, the dolts in the DEA gave it to the Mexican “authorities”.

  10. Californio Says:

    Oh yeah!? Well what about those arms that the USA sent to Pancho Villa from Columbus, AZ!!!

    [ahem – Pancho Villa RAIDED Columbus, killed people and then fled back to Mexico…..]

    Oh yeah!,….Well, …um…never mind then!

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