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The only thing accomplished by registering firearms is a list of people who have them. All other justifications for it can be accomplished through some other means. As to why I oppose it, see India:

Prathap, who recently got a gun licence, was shocked when he got a letter from the suburban police last week asking him to surrender his firearm. However, when he went to the police station he was told that handing over arms before the elections was a usual practice and that there was nothing to worry about it. The 2009 general elections will be held from April 15 in five phases.

Every election in the state is a heated up affair. The Tamil Nadu police have ensured that here, unlike in some other states, no guns would be involved in the fights that occur before and after elections. “This is because every year, the police ask those with licensed firearms to surrender their weapons at the nearest police station until ten days before the election date,”

Every police station has the list of licence holders in its jurisdiction. Once the election dates are announced, letters are sent to those who with fire arms. “The licensed gun holders have to surrender their guns at the nearest police station.

Potential political turmoil is not the time to be disarmed.

8 Responses to “Registration”

  1. Vote For David Says:

    I found my standard answer @ Sipsey Street Irregulars:

    If anyone tells or asks you to register your personal firearms, you tell them they can go to Hell.

  2. bob r Says:

    “If anyone tells or asks you to register your personal firearms, you tell them they can go to Hell.

    Depending on the listener it may also be necessary to explicitly inform them that if they don’t desist that you will send them there (i.e., to hell).

  3. Michael Says:

    This is one of my biggest hang ups about my wife wanting me to move to Michigan,they require registration. Of course it is diguised as a “safety inpection”,where they write down the serial number and who owns it. Yeah,not foolinig anybody there Michigan.

  4. karrde Says:

    Michigan doesn’t even require on-site “inspection” anymore, but they still require people to mail in “inspection certificates” for pistols.

    After you get a “permit to purchase”, even if you are transferring your own pistol into the state.

    Only for pistols, though.

    It’s not much a consolation, but this fact makes rifle-owning and shotgun-owning very easy in Michigan.

  5. emdfl Says:

    I’m sure that the local chapter of the Tamil Tigers as well as the local police officers will be locking their guns as well…

  6. Mikee Says:

    I have several friends who purchased weapons just before the federal background check started, specifically to avoid registration possibilities. That was what, 15 years ago or so? I know folks since then who have purchased firearms from individuals rather than guns shops to avoid potential registration or tracing issues. Avoiding possible registration of firearms is in my limited experience a common practice among political libertarians, minor criminals (yes I am related to one or more) and other cautious-to-a-fault, as well as the smaller numbers of “tinfoil hat wearing” persons. I have done it myself, just to get a good deal on a handgun, not for registration avoidance.

    There are millions, perhaps tens of millions, of firearms lacing a paper trail in this country. I suspect that despite any laws passed there will remain just about the same number of unregistered guns will remain.

  7. Matt Groom Says:

    This explains the unusual increase in Knifings in India during this time of the year.

    NOTICE: If you have ever filled out a 4473, that gun is registered to you in your name. I was tracked down by the FBI when I was a Marine in Okinawa because my father had purchased a Makarov for me when I turned 18. They never asked him where it was, they never doubted that I had it (in Florida) because he’d only purchased one other firearm before (20 years prior) and I had bought several firearms since, and they knew that, too. Some DA in Seattle was murdered with a Makarov and my name popped up, even though I had never set foot in WA.

  8. straightarrow Says:

    But Matt, surely that was just a bad dream. After all, that list they would have had to have would have been illegal. The FBI, break the law? Why, one might as well accuse the BATFE, or the DEA.

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