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Scoutten and New Media

A few more pixels spent on Scoutten’s comments about Boomershoot here and here. For the record, I understand Scoutten’s position and was more put off by his initial flippant response than anything else. There are reasons for him doing what he does.

But I have to give the man an enormous amount of credit for actually continuing to engage his detractors on a message board. Takes guts and not something we’re used to seeing from guys in the gun media business.

One Response to “Scoutten and New Media”

  1. ExurbanKevin Says:

    The very fact that he is talking about and that he’s still in the fight shows that he does care about what Boomershoot/Knob Creek participants think about the issue, otherwise he’d dismiss their comments out of hand and never talk about it again.

    No one can be “on their game” on the internets 24/7, and occasionally ,(or, in my case, more than occasionally 🙂 ), we all make stupid comments we wish we could scrub forever from

    What matters, though, is what you do afterwards. And Jim’s doing the right thing here.