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Quote of the day

Heh: Only 5 weeks removed and boy, do I miss the fiscal restraint of the Bush administration.

12 Responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. Manish Says:


  2. Dan Says:

    And restraint in attacking critics.

  3. DirtCrashr Says:

    They weren’t trying to re-make America as Fabians are wont to.

  4. Divemedic Says:

    The national debt has increased by $317Bn in 5 weeks. If this holds, he will have borrowed his first trillion in less than 4 months. It took Bush 3 1/2 years to accomplish that.

  5. Ron W Says:

    Bush fiscal restraint??? The only “change” is more.

    Obama said the one thing he wouldn’t do was to “return to the failed policies of the past.” Yet, after the Bush bailouts and Bush stimulus with bi-partisan support, we now have the Obama bailouts and Obama stimulus. So far most of the Republicans have repented from tehir recent sins…which is a little good news.

  6. Bruce Says:

    Hell, I miss the principled, conservative leadership that was the Carter administration.

  7. Bruce Says:

    I used to long for the Democrats to return to being the party of JFK, but these days I’d settle for the party of EMK.

  8. Stormy Dragon Says:

    Let’s be honest with ourselves. Does anyone REALLY think things would be significantly different right now if McCain had won?

  9. mike w. Says:

    ^ well we wouldn’t have calls for an AWB already.

  10. Ron W Says:

    Stormy Dragon,

    Not much “change” with McCain either…just a little window dressing. McCain is also a CFR globalist stooge who would continue the Clinton-Bush sellout to the New World Order international banking cartel.

    Yes, Mike W, , probably no call for an AWB with McCain, (at least without a mass-murder event in a gun-free zone with an “assault” weapon wielding drugged zombie) but I’m hoping most in Congress particularly the “Blue Dog” Dems want none of that. I’m sure they remember the results of the ’94 AWB which even Clinton admitted caused a mostly conservative takeover of Congress. But then, after that, we had a fake conservative, Jorge W. “open borders” Bush in the White House for whom many supposed conservatives rolled over.

  11. straightarrow Says:

    The Republicans haven’t repented, they’re just not in power, now. They had eight years to repent. And No, I am not a Dem or even a liberal.

  12. Bruce Says:

    The biggest difference between this administration and a McCain administration is that now, we’re getting stabbed in the front.

    I actually prefer that scenario. You can see the bastards coming and plan accordingly.

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