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Due process

Granted, a questionable scenario. But a man had his guns confiscated then destroyed or sold. And he was neither arrested nor charged with a crime?

3 Responses to “Due process”

  1. Kristopher Says:

    Never store guns for a felon or mentally defective relative. Or advise his to work out his own storage solution. You put your own firearms at risk when you mix them with his.

    Sell them, and hand him the money, if he insists on handing them to you.

  2. straightarrow Says:

    They weren’t in his possession, they weren’t a danger to anyone,and they weren’t destroyed. If they were sold, it was after the takers/keepers picked through them for what they wanted, then sold the rest to other cops or prosecutors or judges.

    Apply this lack of due process to any other item of property and see if such bullshit flies, well except for cash. Robbery is robbery, Goddamnit!

  3. T F Stern Says:

    My comment was too long so I posted it as a blog at my site. Let’s just say the 9th Circus hasn’t got a clue what America or individual rights are all about.