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We’re winning

If, say five year ago, you told me that there would be an actual discussion on the floor of passing concealed carry laws in Illinois, I would not have believed you. But it’s happening:

Springfield is headed toward a political showdown over guns, with both sides loading up like they haven’t in years.

The gun owners lobby is close to getting a floor debate in the Legislature on its pinnacle goal of allowing residents to carry concealed handguns in Illinois, which is one of just two states that still outlaw it. (Wisconsin is the other.)

Will it pass? Probably not. But it’s got some support from the local sheriff’s association. And, if nothing else, it’s keeping the anti-gunner busy in what is ordinarily a gimme state for them:

Gun control advocates are firing back with bills to create new restrictions on the sale and transfer of those guns, while trying to stop the concealed-carry movement.

8 Responses to “We’re winning”

  1. Rasputin Says:


    We’re being screwed economically, but the 2A is getting a second look.

  2. mike w. Says:

    Awesome! When you’ve got em’ on the defensive in ILLINOIS you know you’re winning.

    On another note, I have to laugh at the phrase
    “gun control advocates are firing back….

  3. Chaz Says:

    “gun control advocates are firing back….

    With What!?

  4. kaveman Says:

    This is simply the chugging train syndrome.

    48 states have shall or may law. If WI passes it first, it’ll make make IL look bad.

    CCW is the new law of the land.

  5. Kevin Says:

    Yeah, well, “may issue” laws aren’t much more than a sop. If they don’t have to issue upon qualification and can apply subjective tests (like in California), lots of sheriffs just deny the permits wholesale.

  6. Mark Says:

    May issue is not much better than no issue. Look at Hawaii for what I mean. Permit system is on the books, but everyone is denied even being able to full out the form. Last I heard, only one permit issued in the entire state, to the Honolulu PD armorer.

  7. Nathan Moore Says:

    They needed to do something to make up for proposing a requirement that all gun owners maintain an insurance policy to possess a firearm.

  8. rightwingprof Says:

    I wasn’t surprised. Take Chicago out, and they’re the same as the Hoosiers next door. Thing is, Chicago is big enough (population and political machine) that it dominates the whole state. The SCOTUS decision and lawsuits against cities gave them a door, and they’re trying to get through it.