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Doing their job

The NYT dutifully parrots the Mexican gun canard. It’s dogma.

Also, our old friend ATF Special Agent Thomas G. Mangan is showing up again. It’s like there is this concerted effort at disinformation. Mangan stuff here and here.

7 Responses to “Doing their job”

  1. chris Says:

    If Eric Holder is concerned about our guns going to Mexico, as he claims, he needs to start doing his job of enforcing our southern border.

  2. Ron W Says:

    The United States SHALL guarantee to every Sate in this Union a republican form of government and SHALL protect each of them against invasion.. (Article IV, Section 4, U.S. Constitution)


    Remember, Bush said “we can’t militarize the border” and there will be no “change” in that policy. It’s the treasonous policy of the Concil on Foreign Relations and their puppets like Bush, Obama and their appointees like Holder who are refusing to defend our nation and then use it as a pretext to disarm us.


  3. Nylarthotep Says:

    “What is more, the sheer volume of licensed dealers more than 6,600 along the border alone, many of them operating out of their houses makes policing them a tall order. Currently the A.T.F. has about 200 agents assigned to the task.”

    Hmm. Don’t all the purchases from these dealers require the purchaser to pass the NICS check? The dealer isn’t the problem. It’s the straw purchaser. Maybe the ATF should get off their fat ass and do some investigating.

    Any gun found in Mexico could easily be tracked back to the dealer and then to the purchaser. It just takes some effort.

    And you can’t tell me that they are buying this number of guns from gun show private sales. The volume would just be too high.

  4. Rabbit Says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how they’re finding all those pre-ban, transferable ‘assaultmachinegunweapons’ that are migrating south across the border. I never can find one when I want to buy one.

    Surely they’re not coming in from *gasp* the only large scale production plant in the Western Hemisphere, Venezuela, maybe? Or, as I suspect in the case of Norteno-style, the Mexican Army ‘misplaces’ a few crates every few feet along the road…or takes them with them when they desert to join the Zetas…but that would expose the true origin- U.S. Aid in arms to Mexico.

    Hell, I’m amazed we haven’t heard more about the cartels using ex U.S.Hueys we ‘gave’ to the Mexican government.


  5. stevie reno Says:

    Captain Chuck Nash on FOX just said that the Mexican druggies are getting their guns from China and the far east. He is retired NAVY. That is the only time this has been mentioned that I know of. I also believe the same as Rabbit, that Hugo Chavez from Venezuela is involved. He has a complete AK factory from Russia , but no one ever says anything about that, it’s always from the US.

  6. Rabbit Says:

    Stevie, that reminds me…

    Haven’t I seen Chinee copies of AR-15/M16’s floating around in the hands of Beijing SWAT teams?

    They copy our Cisco routers, Che(r)vys, books, computers, washing machines- I guess they wouldn’t see a need to draw the line on household/industrial/durable goods, would they?

    Who else would suspect a Chinese origin on an AR, when there are so many so easily obtainable by strawman/dishonest FFL/illicit, unregistered, unrestricted prohibitable private sales taking place in the U.S. which could be stopped to show you’re Making A Difference For The Children.

    Why, that’s preposterous, to think that Beijung would ship containerloads of AKs and counterfeit M16’s, grenades, and such into Mexico. I’m sure that Mexican port customs authorities and the Mexican Government would never, ever allow that to happen.

    Sorry, there’s a gun buyback in Dallas today- $50 card for everything turned in, and it has made me even crankier. I’m going to go drink now, and take my nap.


  7. stevie reno Says:

    Well , The Chinese do run the Panama Canal ( thanks jimmy carter).

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