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Professor calls police on student who gave presentation advocating concealed carry.

Some ideas are dangerous and should be illegal or punished.

29 Responses to “Academia”

  1. Kristopher Says:

    Rule one … never talk to cops when they call you.

    Demand a lawyer.

  2. steve h Says:

    The kid needs to lawyer up and file suit against the school for harassment.

  3. Lysander Says:

    The professor has a problem – reality.

  4. John Hardin Says:

    Some deas are dangerous

    I’d say pretty much all DEAs are dangerous… 🙂

    +1 on the lawsuit. 18USC241 covers intimidation.

  5. Exurbankevin Says:

    “If you can’t talk about the Second Amendment, what happened to the First Amendment?”

    Perfectly said.

  6. Homer Says:

    “Upon entering the police station, the officers began to list off firearms that were registered under his name, and questioned him about where he kept them.”

    No harm will come from simply registering firearms. Really, believe us.
    -The Democrats

  7. mike w. Says:

    “I’d say pretty much all DEAs are dangerous”

    Only if they’ve got a Glock Foh-tay!

  8. Nate Says:

    I thought that firearm registration lists were against the law…wierd how “Only Ones” don’t have to worry about that little triviality…

  9. Lyle Says:

    “After all, a university campus is a place for the free and open exchange of ideas.”

    Correction; a university campus should be a place for the free and open exchange of ideas, but isn’t.

    Yes; they openly attempted to intimidate the student, hence they are guilty under 18 USC 241.

  10. chris Says:

    Someone please tell me that this came from The Onion and not a real newspaper.

  11. Shawn Says:

    College is a system where free speech does not exist. It is essentailly a breeding ground for liberals and their thought process so anything that isn’t liberal or goes against liberal thought is punished.

    These collages don’t believe in the bill of rights as a whole. They don’t want guns in private citizens hands and they don’t want people to think in a non-liberal manner. And when someone does this happens.

  12. Robert Says:

    “I thought that firearm registration lists were against the law…wierd how “Only Ones” don’t have to worry about that little triviality…”

    They’re in Connecticut. My guess is they have a firearm registration law there.

  13. Simpleguy Says:

    Thank God I live in a state where you don’t have to register your arms…….CRAZY! So, if the guy did a speach on nuclear power, would they have broken down his door to see if he was doing his own experiments?

  14. straightarrow Says:

    Who knew that there were so many descendants of long lines of bachelors in Connecticut?

  15. ChrisTheEngineer Says:

    Is this a bad time to mention that it is easy (for scientific instrument makers) to do bench top nuclear experiments at home?

  16. J Richardson Says:

    I looked up Paula Anderson at Cen. Conn. State. She is a lecturer which means she is the lowest of the lowly and probably isn’t on the tenure track. She isn’t even listed in the faculty list for the Communications Dept.

    BTW the Dept Chair is Serafin Mendez-Mendez. I’m sure he would just love critical emails questioning the denial of free speech and denial of academic freedom. His email is

  17. Number9 Says:

    They’re in Connecticut.

    Which will reach us first, fire ants, or socialists?

  18. comatus Says:

    New Britain is in Gun Valley. There is a firearms manufacturer (Stag) in business in this city! On the other hand, the police department has a “gun squad.”

    You have to hand it to this student. The course was “Communications,” and he has communicated. After the erstwhile lecturer is tarred and feathered (it’s Connecticut–there’s precedent), he should get an A.

    In the ancient time (mine), Communications was not a university course title. You had to take English, and then Speech. There was a separate department for film and television. “Communication” apparently takes in all this, plus telepathy and massage. And blogging.

  19. John H. Says:

    I think the best bet (besides grassroots… “campaigning”) would be to get FIRE on it.

  20. mike w. Says:

    I agree with John. FIRE put my Alma Mater in it’s place recently.

  21. JKB Says:

    Said student had a thought about a gun, therefore said student is guilty of a thought crime.

    Said student then spoke of guns in a a non-denigrating manner, causing thoughts about guns by other students. Said student is guilty of incitement of though crime and conspiricy.

    Said student then hypothesized that student or faculty possession of a gun could stop or reduce casualties during a murder spree on campus. Said student is guilty of having theories not in compliance with the “academic consensus.”

  22. Chas Says:

    Markie Marxist sez: “He probably made the mistake of sounding like someone who might have been an NRA member. We destroy them at every opportunity. However, we Marxists are not bigoted; it’s just common sense communism! He’s lucky we didn’t send him to the gulag!”

  23. comatus Says:

    I slept on it, and came up with a compromise. FIRE could, in lieu of a multi-million dollar settlement, agree to the establishment of CCSU’s new Department of Firearms Studies. Paula Anderson, Dept. Secretary (part-time).

    And, oh yeah, the Riflery Club goes NCAA and gets 3.5 scholarships. One goes to John Wahlberg, Walk-On.

    What a great way to put those stimulus dollars to work!

  24. Brigid Says:

    We have a serious problem with our education system if professors can pick and choose which amendments their students can exercise.

  25. kaveman Says:

    The funny part is that Anderson is a communications professor.

  26. sookie Says:

    I would agree, some ideas are dangerous. We don’t (or shouldn’t) punish thoughts (or speech). It doesn’t go away. Only underground.

    I’m surprise that a thread on 1st amendment rights resulted in this opinion expressed on this blog.

    Also, do they have access to his gun registration records. I thought purchase records were to be used to authorized the sale then discarded. Perhaps I’m wrong on that point.

  27. DSmith Says:

    I agree. They include Marxism and Islam.

  28. Hyman Roth Says:

    (re-posted from another forum)

    As a graduate of the CSU system (not the Central campus), I learned long ago that this sort of thing is common in academia, and in the CSU system in particular.

    Do the math: Academic institution (with all the liberal bias that entails) PLUS the added bonus of being a state government institution that accepts federal funds. Result: Accountability for faculty & admin = Nonexistent.

    One CSU campus lost the ability to write checks for payroll and other expenses because an audit caught the president (a former crooked mayor) taking money from scholarship funds and using it to create cushy jobs for his political cronies. One CSU campus covered up the rape of a female student by a professor who (falsely) claimed to be a rape crisis counselor and abused his position of trust. Without talking to the victim, they tried to let the professor resign without filing criminal charges!

    Speaking from personal experience, professors in the CSU system regularly abuse their positions and stifle differing opinions with the apparatus of university administration as their eager accomplice. It’s almost impossible to get a professor disciplined for misbehavior.

    A leftist professor of a class I took routinely graded essays with political & profane diatribes, and singled out students who did not toe his line for ridicule in class, and lower grades. When I posed a polite question about how attendance, participation and coursework factored into his grading policies (a conversation with no raised voices which took place in a crowded public area with many bystanders) I was charged with threatening this professor, singing racist songs to him (!), using racial epithets, and a subjected to a judicial hearing to determine if I would be expelled. (We are both white, btw.)

    The only factor which kept me from being expelled was the tape recording I made of the entire conversation, which contradicted his claims completely. No shouting, no threats, no epithets, no singing. (Taping face to face conversations is perfectly legal in CT, if one is a party to the conversation). His offensive grading comments were ignored. When I listened to the charges, and then announced that I had recorded the entire incident, the faces of the professor, and the judicial officer, were a mixture of alarm, disappointment and fear. I wish I had a picture.

    I also wish I had a videotape of the judicial officer when we re-convened the hearing days later, as he told me no action would be taken against me, but spent a lot of time expressing regret that I could not be punished for making the recording. Booting me out of school was the only thing he was interested in. I felt like I was in an alternate reality, where up is really down.

    While no action was taken against this professor, he was later let go for making sexually explicit and offensive comments to a female student who was married to a powerful city official. He is still sneaking from adjunct faculty position to adjunct faculty position at other schools around the country, still unable to get tenure. And according to (which was not around when I was in school), still a bully and a jerk.

    The apparatchik who wanted me booted? Terminal cancer.

    Karma? Who knows.

  29. Mao Says:

    The teacher did the right thing; report all suspicious activity to the thought police.

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