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Guns in DC

Getting word the bill overriding DC’s gun control laws passed 62-36. Of note, Gillibrand voted against.

Update: NRA fast with the presser.

Update 2: Looks like he has the same source:

I am also hearing that Holderís comments were instrumental in helping bring this issue back up, and picking up the votes it needed. So thanks Eric! We really appreciate the help getting this amendment tacked on to a must-pass bill for the Democrats!

Seems Holder’s statement has made it that much harder to claim that no one is out to ban guns.

14 Responses to “Guns in DC”

  1. anon Says:

    Giving DC representation _legally_ requires an amendment to the Constitution, hence this bill is pretty sure to fail a court challenge (but with the SCOTUS you never know). If the bill is overturned, what happens to the rider?

  2. ben Says:

    What’s the deal with “Gillibrand voted against” Does anyone have more information or a statement?

    I thought she supported 2nd Amendment rights.

  3. Chas Says:

    Itís perfectly understandable that good people in our nationís capital continue to be harassed as they try to defend themselves and their loved ones in their own homes, since they are ruled by Marxist thugs.

  4. ka Says:

    “…since they are ruled by Marxist thugs.”

    Didn’t you hear, we’re all socialists now.

  5. ic Says:

    We are all socialists ruled by fascists who take away our guns.

  6. Rick C Says:


    I’d guess she started thinking about getting re-elected in New York.

  7. man_in_tx Says:

    It cannot be said enough: Repeal the Seventeenth Amendment! This will put another layer of checks and balances between the yo-yos in the Senate and Soros and their other keepers.

  8. Pink Pig Says:

    It’s fairly hard to maintain the position that Congress has no authority over DC, but that nevertheless DC is not entitled to representation. Given the choice, I would support the idea that Congress holds jurisdiction over DC, and therefore DC is not entitled to representation. If that means that Congress can go crazy experimenting with DC, well, so be it. The conservatives lost the election, so they have no valid complaint. There’s always another election just down the road. You guys need to learn to give the enemy the rope to hang itself with, otherwise you’ll have no ammunition for the next campaign.

  9. RAH Says:

    Maybe she was against this bill because she disagreed giviing unconstitutional voting rights and not because of the gun rights provision. There are a lot of reasons to vote aginst this bill that have nothing to do with the rider on DC gun rights

  10. ParatrooperJJ Says:

    You are giving a New York Democrat too much credit.

  11. Harold Says:

    RAH: No, she voted against the amendment to add this to the bill, see the offical roll call.

  12. Captain Holly Says:

    In response to anon, it will be more interesting if these two provisions killing DC’s gun laws and the Fairness Doctrine will act as a “poison pill”, since the House’s version has neither.

    I can’t believe the Dems would allow DC’s gun laws to be overturned just to get an extra vote in Congress, but then again these are Democrats.

  13. MarkD Says:

    What Captain Holly said, especially since this vote for DC is clearly unconstitutional. If they want a vote, make them part of Maryland, subject to its laws and count them in the 2010 census.

  14. Xrlq Says:

    Damn, I just got done sending hate mail to my new Senator Kay Hagan for knowingly voting for an unconstitutional bill. I should have thanked her instead, figuring that the blatantly unconstitutional part granting DC a new Rep will almost certainly be struck down, while the good part likely won’t be.