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My BS detector is tingling:

A retired St. Paul police officer was wounded Saturday when a pistol belonging to an off-duty Minneapolis police officer accidentally discharged at a gun show.

Both men were working security at the Minneapolis Gun Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center when the accident happened about 1:15 p.m., said Minneapolis police spokesman Sgt. Jesse Garcia.

The semi-automatic pistol went off when the holster got caught on a chair that the Minneapolis officer was either leaning back on or getting off of, Garcia said.

5 Responses to “AD?”

  1. Alan Says:

    I call BS too.

  2. Crucis Says:

    Yep. A holstered pistol going off all by itself!?

    The BS detector is ringing.

  3. JKB Says:

    This is the best story they could come up with?

    But then the quote below doesn’t cause the warm and fuzzys. If that’s the case, all the more important to break a few fingers in the support of rule 3. Or maybe the should use Glocks?

    Minneapolis officers keep the safety switch off when carrying guns in a holster, Garcia said.

    “When you need it, you need it,” he said. “Every split second counts.”

  4. ka Says:

    “When you need it, you need it,” he said. “Every split second counts.”

    But you have to admit, his logic is undeniable. So I assume Garcia supports quick access to firearms for all Americans. Good for him.

  5. Joat Says:

    I left the show before the shooting started.:) From what I’ve found out from one of the local forums Minneapolis PD only authorizes DA/SA with a decocker so they carry hammer down. I can’t see a hammer down semiauto just going off, I’d bet he had it out of the holster and screwed up reholstering while sitting down.