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What media bias?

Or is it ignorance? CNN would have you believe you can walk right into a local gun shop or gun show and buy a bazooka. To ship to Mexico, of course.

This Mexican gun canard is now officially dogma. For a reason.

10 Responses to “What media bias?”

  1. Huck Says:

    It’s bias, period.

  2. Matt Groom Says:

    “… and more than 90 percent of weapons in Mexico come from the United States.”

    They come from the US because we share a boarder and we actually have the industrial capacity to build them, which Mexico might have if every able bodied, working age person who wasn’t in a criminal gang (and yes, I’m including the federales here) wasn’t working in the US. If guns weren’t legal for sale to civilians, 90% of the guns used by Mexican drug gangs would STILL come from the US.

    CNN and the whole of the MSM is composed entirely of idiots. Come to think of it, so is most of their audience and market.

  3. Ron W Says:

    Hey, I thought the CFR politicians said that NAFTA would produce good jobs in Mexico so they wouldn’t come here…that’s what Bush said in the 2004 Presidential debeates answering a question about illegal immigration. But they can’t manufacture guns and ammo?

    But saying U.S. guns are going to Mexico which in turn will spill over the border into violence will probably be used as a pretext for the tyrants in Washington to attempt to restrict or deny our RKBA. What about defending our own border instead….no, no, no, “we can’t militarize the border” say the CFR globalists, but oh yes, we can have a militarized BATFE for dealing with armed American citizens….and even the military if need be.

    “This Mexican gun canard is now officially dogma. For a reason.” –SayUncle


    TREASON is the REASON!!!

  4. James R. Rummel Says:

    The author of the article states that a bazooka was purchased at a US gun store.

    Are those people completely insane?


  5. SayUncle Says:

    they did not explicitly say that but they did imply that quite heavily.

  6. ajacksonian Says:

    I am, obviously, not shopping at the right stores…

  7. wlpeak Says:

    It doesn’t literally say they bought the bazooka in a gun store. In any event I usually have serious doubts about the MSMs ability to properly identify ordinance so who knows what they were referring to.

    It was interesting that the bulk of the article seemed to antiprohibition, (anhibition? inhibition? whatever)

  8. Archelon Says:

    It’s both–an ignorance born of bias. Their bias leads them to believe what they believe, and blinds them to truth such that they wallow in their ignorance.

  9. Joe S Says:

    Sounds like a good argument for closing the border, no?

  10. fedup Says:

    The MSM never seem to let facts get the way of good propaganda.

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