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Their own facts

19 Facts You Need to Know About Guns. I stopped reading after the first one, which is wrong.

7 Responses to “Their own facts”

  1. Caleb Says:

    When the facts are written by Stop Handgun Violence, I sense a little bit of bias.

    They should entitled it “19 talking points”.

  2. EmmaPeel Says:

    I surfed around the site a little. You can only vote or comment by registering with the site. Also, I didn’t look hard by I didn’t fing the “opposing view” to the linked article.

    I heard someone say yesterday that you should ask open, honest, thoughtful questions rather than try to debate with facts. Questions are more likely to make them think than throwing facts at them they don’t believe.

  3. karrde Says:

    Well, I threw a few facts their way. (I registered at “Opposing Views” months ago, for a different article…)

    One was that they made an elementary division error. Somehow, they had 1896 events over a 5-year period, and managed to get 5 events per day…even though there were only 1827 or so days during those 5 years.

  4. Alcibiades Says:

    “all wars since 1775 (650,858)”

    I think they miscounted… Between the Civil War and World War II there should be about a million.

  5. Number9 Says:

    Oh, oh, I know. They go boom? Do I win a prize?

  6. B Smith Says:

    The Only Fact You Need to Know About ‘Stop Handgun Violence’

    1.) They use tired old statistics that were debunked many years ago, in a lame attempt to prop up an ideology that is illogical and demonstrably false.

    (And I didn’t even need to say that once in boldface and again in regular type to make that point.)

  7. Paul Says:

    They’re getting thumped pretty hard in comments. But, credit where it’s due, they’re posting the comments.