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Tax Preparation

Both TN senators declined to answer the following questions:

Do you prepare your own taxes?
If not, who does?
Have you or the IRS ever discovered an error on a tax return youíve filed?
Have you ever paid back taxes?
If the answer to either 3 or 4 is yes, please explain.

I’m not one to generally say There ought to be a law. But there ought to be a law. I think Congressmonkies should be required, by law, to do their own tax returns. And the process should be videotaped. I imagine the tax code would get much simpler.

10 Responses to “Tax Preparation”

  1. Mikee Says:

    I think they should all have to do them in front of a live audience with their paperwork projected onto a large screen. And they should have to detail every source of donations to their office or campaign or PAC at the same time. And their relatives should all have to show where they get their money from, too (see Tom Daschle and spouse for an example of how legalized corruption works). The goal would not be to get a simplified tax return, but to demonstrate the profitable interests in which our legislators participate. Then get the tar, feathers, and the rail for them to ride out of town upon.

    Alternately, we could insist none of them earn more than, say, 500,000 a year filing jointly. Seems fair to those handling private money, why not for those handling public money?

  2. Ron W Says:

    “I think Congressmonkies should be required, by law, to do their own tax returns. And the process should be videotaped.”

    Yes! And add to that the President and his appointees.

    With such a requirement, then maybe they would get on board with repealing the 16th Amendment and abolishing the IRS.

    They should also all be required to read and write out in their own LEGIBLE handwriting a copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights so we will know that they’ve read their job description at least once!

  3. Ron W Says:

    Addendum! Especially add to the above ALL judges!

  4. Eseell Says:

    The tax code would get simpler for congressmen. Who knows if it would get simpler for us.

  5. Rabbit Says:

    I’d suggest they wear a shock collar which is activated any time they need to ask a question, refer back to ‘other IRS documents’, or ‘ask an expert’.

    I’d recommend something in the 3 amp range, not one of those silly ‘bark collars’.

    I agree on the public performance art idea, too. Let’s put them in the middle of their local large domed sports stadium and have this on live cable feed as well as up on the Jumbotron, with all their numbers posted to a display as well as the local newspaper.

    Afterwards, we can introduce them to Dr. Tar and Mr. Feathers.

    Me, bitter? I use a tax attorney/accountant to do mine. Keeps me from being interro…oops- audited.


  6. Rabbit Says:

    Oh, and Ron’s made an excellent point. Repeal the 16th, and either go to Dick Armey’s ‘postcard 10% form’ or the Fairtax.


  7. tgirsch Says:

    I’ve been mulling over a simplified tax code (one which has elements that would likely surprise some of my detractors). I really need to get a post up on that.

  8. ATLien Says:

    The only reality show i would watch.

  9. Heartless Libertarian Says:

    You should also clarify to make it clear that “do their own taxes” means using pencil and paper forms, and, at most, a basic calculator.

    No TurboTax or other such software allowed.

  10. emdfl Says:

    I’d just be happy if they PAID their own taxes…

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