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Authorized Journalists

David notes what gun bloggers haven’t linked to. News to me. But I also haven’t linked to the Brady Campaign Scorecards so I wouldn’t read too much into it.

14 Responses to “Authorized Journalists”

  1. Kujo Says:

    Love the blog! Just started viewing gun blogs lately since I decided I like owning my guns and should be educated on how my country is trying to take them away. I’m sorry to admit I have spent alot of time on the Brady Campaigns website. My thought is memorize that scorecard and then find a job in the lowest scoring ones!

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Well, their scorecards tend to correlate to violence.

  3. Kujo Says:

    Oh I was going on what they stated on their site.

    “The Brady Campaign released its annual state scorecards, which rates each state on the strength of its gun laws.”

  4. ben Says:

    The Brady’s goofed on Washington State and scored us too high at T-14 when we should be two points lower and tied for 17th place.

    Seems they think it’s illegal in Washington State for persons under the age of 21 to own handguns here. This is not the case. I know for a fact since I sold a really nice Springfield Black Stainless 1911 to a 19 year old guy who was an active participant in IDPA. We even filled out, and I sent in, the voluntary record of sale to the state (they let you do that here). I searched the RCWs in Washington for quite some time, and then called a lot of people in the .gov, just to make sure this sale was on the up-and-up.

  5. Linoge Says:

    To be perfectly and bluntly honest, why would I bother pimping for someone I do not agree with, do not support, and have no desires or intentions to associate with in the slightest bit?

    What a half-assed insinuation (David’s, that is).

  6. Mike Vanderboegh Says:

    Linoge, thy name is Legion, the evil demon character of a Stephen King novel. Linoge, who fancies the high-tech lair of Mr. Universe, the emotionally stunted character from Firefly who marries a “love-bot” presumably because he can’t get a real date. Ah, what’s in a name?

    What a sad, strange little man. Methinks you have a bad case of blogger envy.

    You know, I would have never got that interview with Gun Week if you and Snowflake and all the other “pragmatists” hadn’t come apart at the seams when you read my Madison letter back in July. Ironic, ain’t it?

    “Do you love it?
    Do you hate it?
    There it is,
    The way you made it.”
    — Frank Zappa, 1965.

  7. Linoge Says:

    You really do love the whole copy-and-paste thing, do you not, Mike?

    How many weblogs do you spam in a day? And when are you going to stop tossing about baseless ad hominems over someone’s chosen internet moniker?

    Or would that be too… adult… for you to consider?

  8. Mike Vanderboegh Says:

    Oooh, how very, uh, trenchant? No, that’s not the word I’m looking for. Well, let it pass. Just wanted to thank you pragmatists for all your help in getting that Gun Week interview for me. Couldn’t have done it without you men. Oh, and you too, Linoge. And Bitter, too. Can’t forget her. Thanks a whole LOT. Really. No, I mean it. Really. 😉

  9. straightarrow Says:

    Ah Mike, cut them some slack. Pragmatists can’t be associated with unadulterated truth. First it must be refined and filtered and made innocuous.

    Otherwise they’re just not comfortable with it. So please cut them some slack. I just wish they had the same philosophy toward unadulterated lies and abuse, but hey one goes with what one is comfortable with.

    I suppose a case could be made that it takes more courage to accept threats and mistreatment with a mild demeanor than it does to engage in the cowardly act of trying to warn the usurpers off. I can’t make that case, but I think they try to do so.

    Of course, everything I said could be wrong. NAAAAAAWW

  10. Linoge Says:

    Well, apparently the insurrectionist movement cannot brook disagreement or truth either, straightarrow, considering that David Codrea saw no problems in deleting my follow-up posts to his pointless insinuation, while Mike’s immature namecalling is still available for the world to see.

    Of course, that only allows the world to see how much of an unadulterated asshole Mike truly is, so I can honestly live with that. It is the “Reasoned Discourse” on the part of David that is positively disgusting, and more than a little surprising.

  11. Mike Vanderboegh Says:


    Your case hase been referred to the Three Percent Medical Review Board. Dr. Enigma has reported the consensus of his colleagues:

    “We find that the boy suffers from acute cognitive dissonance and pathological sitemeter envy brought on by his sense of failure at having only 150 hits per day on his web site. As his sense of self-worth is marred by this defeat, he lashes out at those who are more successful than he. Were his debating skills or writing ability equal to the task he has set for himself, he would not feel so inadequate and angry. Alas they are not. His adoption of the name Linoge, an anagram of Legion, from the Stephen King novel suggests the desire to vicariously assign himself omnipotence and power without actually doing anything that requires risk to achieve it. His identification with the “lair” of the societally disfunctional Mr. Universe in the Firefly series is also evidence of this.

    Prognosis: Poor, without encountering a hefty dose of a reality.

    Prescription: We concur that the boy needs to experience more of life. He should get out more. Try to get him laid by someone other than an inflatable doll.”

    Well, there you have it. Can some kindly humanitarian pragmatist take on this task in the interest of the boy? 😉

  12. Mike Vanderboegh Says:


    One last technical question. What is “an unadulterated asshole”? Is that as opposed to “an adulterated asshole”? How is one more desirable than the other? Curious.

    I mean since we’re all about reasoned discourse here, we should all have a firm grasp of the meaning of words, don’t you think?

    I await the cogitation of your lofty intellectual digestion with breathless anticipation. Or, not.

  13. Linoge Says:

    You simply cannot stand the prospect of someone disagreeing with you, can you, Mike? And if they cannot be convinced, cajoled, or coerced into agreeing with you, they must be derided, diminished, and disdained, right? What a sad, little, insecure individual you are.

    Well, here, allow me to try and ameliorate your angst – your caliber of childishness is, indeed, far superior to anything I could ever dream of fielding, and thus I bow to your exceptional immaturity. I sit here awed by a grown boy so ready and willing to whip his dick out at a moment’s notice, prepared for even the slightest possibility of a measuring contest… as if it were to prove the slightest thing. You stand tall as a shining beacon and example for all webboard warriors throughout the world, and should be undeniably proud of that illustrious accomplishment.

    I am man enough to admit it – you may be chronologically senior, but you successfully dragged me down to your maturity level and beat me with experience. Unfortunately, I need to work on better tolerating the kind of churlish behavior one has come to expect from you and your ilk.

  14. straightarrow Says:

    Ok, I take it back. Don’t cut him any slack.

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