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You’re doing it wrong

Seen at GunPundit:

The country’s new homeland security chief said Friday that the Obama administration is mapping out a crackdown on the flow of firearms smuggled to Mexico’s murderous drug gangs operating along the Texas border.

Janet Napolitano said she had directed the Customs and Border Protection service “to find guns going south and interdict them.” Additionally, the homeland security secretary said she will give Mexican authorities access to a government database to trace the U.S. origin of seized weapons.

You know what could have an impact on that? Effective border security. Seems odd to me that there will now likely be more effort on our government’s part designed to keep guns out of Mexico than there will be to keep drugs and illegal immigrants out of the US.

7 Responses to “You’re doing it wrong”

  1. bob r Says:

    “to find guns going south and interdict them.”

    And here I thought the Customs and Border Protection service was supposed to interdict _all_ unauthorized items going _either_ direction across the border. Silly me.

  2. Curtis Lowe Says:

    “…she will give Mexican authorities access to a government database to trace the U.S. origin of seized weapons.”

    Is that the database that they weren’t legally supposed to build/maintain? Popluated with data from 4473s and/or NICS checks – which data was legally only to be kept for a short period of time (30-60days?)?

  3. N.U.G.U.N. Says:

    Yeah right…

    Our Border Patrol Officers are already scared crapless that if they stop anything they’re going to spend the next 10 yrs in jail.

    I mean, let’s put this in perspective. They’re stopping armed criminals. Who will likely claim they were unarmed, because Mexican criminals don’t use guns..EVER. And then the jury won’t be allowed to know relevant info, and the Border Patrol agents will spend the rest of their lives in prison.

  4. Ken Says:

    We’re going to see what happens when people insist on being entitled to their own facts. Pass the popcorn, willya?

  5. tjbbpgobIII Says:

    I think the real problem of guns going south of the border is the US government giving or selling them to the Mexican authorities.

  6. straightarrow Says:

    I have no doubt that Mexico’s drug cartels are the beneficiaries of American weapons smugglers. There can be no legitimate argument to the contrary. I do think those Americans aiding in the smuggling of arms to the drug cartels should be convicted, imprisoned and executed.

    Let’s start at the source of the weapons pipeline. Washington D.C.

    Here’s how it works, our government, in the form of aid, sends money and arms to the Mexican authorities in the name of Good Neighborliness and the War on Drugs. The Mexican authorities from civilian to military then, for a price, distribute these weapons to the drug cartels. They keep the money themselves and the cartels use the money the American weapons help them make to go off continent to buy more weapons of foreign manufacture. For example, AK 47’s. The cartels own more of these firearms than there are in the U.S. or than there have been in the U.S. They could not have bought them here through straw man purchases because they are not here nor have they been available in anything like the numbers in the hands of the drug cartels.

    Everybody wins. The Mexican authorities keep the American money, keep the money from selling the arms our Washington thugs send them and blame us for their problems.

    The drug cartels have a reliable supply of weapons and keep all the money they get from their illegal activities.

    Our Washington thugs get to browbeat the American citizen into surrendering more liberty, thus enhancing their own power, while blaming everybody but themselves, the Mexicans, and the drug cartels.

    Everybody wins, except of course, for the innocent citizens on either side of the border.

    These smugglers of American origin need to be held to account, instead they get reelected.

  7. Tom Says: