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We’re Number One

Just about every time Tennessee makes #1 on some list, it’s for something dumb. Today’s is that we have the country’s highest tax on beer.

Via AC who says: Now, Donít Go Doing Anything Stupid Like Dressing Up Like Indians And Pouring A Bunch Into The Cumberland. That is stupid. The steps of the capitol is a much better location.

4 Responses to “We’re Number One”

  1. Hartley Says:

    “The steps of the capitol is a much better location”

    ONLY if it’s been processed thru your kidneys first..

  2. W Says:

    Pouring the beer out on the capitol steps might lead to something unseemly. What if “Swimmer” Kennedy or another legislator with the thirst decided the beer was too valuable to go to waste and tried to drink it off the steps. Talk about drinking at the public trough!

  3. W Says:

    Err, that’s Windy Wilson.

  4. SteveTN Says:

    Bredesen needs the higher beer tax to pay for that underground ballroom in the Guv’s mansion.

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