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What Every Parent and Educator Needs To Know To Protect Our Children

A new anti-gun propaganda piece contains this gem: a 12-caliber gun that can pump four bullets with each squeeze of the trigger

Some expert.

4 Responses to “What Every Parent and Educator Needs To Know To Protect Our Children”

  1. Cemetery's Gun Blob Says:


    *Schools have the second highest levels of suicide*…

    If these types of people are so obsessed with people having access to guns due to heightened risk of suicide, I’m surprised they don’t go after the source. I mean, if people didn’t attend educational facilities, the risk of suicide would significantly drop.

  2. bullbore Says:

    A 12 caliber gun? Do they mean a 12″ gun…wow the only one I know of is this one:
    and it uses 850 lb HE shells….4 at once amazing.

  3. B Smith Says:

    Fairly recently I read a newspaper account (can’t remember the paper, sadly) of a criminal’s (mis)use of a “40 mm handgun”.
    I wouldn’t mess with that dude…

  4. David H. Says:

    I know exactly where this particular stupidity comes from. He’s quoting an article that ran in the TORONTO STAR right after the Montreal shootings. The reason I remember was that when I read it in the STAR, it struck me as mind-bogglingly stupid then. According to the STAR, Kimveer Gill carried “a 9-mm semi-automatic rifle, a .45 pistol and a bag containing a 12-calibre gun that can shoot four bullets per shot.” Turned out they meant a 12-gauge shotgun, but somebody didn’t know from guns and decided to be melodramatic.

    Either he got it from the STAR, too — which is odd; you’d think he would have read the later articles — or somebody reproduced the STAR’s article as authoritative and he’s quoting that.

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