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Stealing laptops, taking your nail clippers, and fondling you: not just for airlines anymore

Or Meet the new boss.

The first federal evaluation of mass-transit security shows that more than 75% of the nation’s major rail and bus systems aren’t meeting Homeland Security guidelines.

By contrast, 96% of airlines are complying with security requirements, according to a new report by the department. The report doesn’t identify which rail and bus systems fell short.

The assessment comes as new Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says she plans to focus more on mass transit, possibly through “redeployment” of resources from other areas.

That mean taking the Security Theater from the airport and putting it in the bus & rail stations where it will do just as little?

8 Responses to “Stealing laptops, taking your nail clippers, and fondling you: not just for airlines anymore”

  1. stencil Says:

    “where it will do just as little?”

    The number and intensity of confrontations has been unsatisfactoritly low – air travellers are too cool. In order to justify enhanced funding you have to have a couple of riots.

  2. Weer'd Beard Says:

    I carry a gun legally on the train every day…I also carry a backpack and a mug with tea, as well as my lunch.

    They fuck with any of those they won’t be dealing with a happy camper.

  3. Eseell Says:

    Weer’d, it wouldn’t surprise me if Napolitano did want to bring such regulation to all forms of mass transit. When she was out here in AZ she was never a friend of gun owners, but here in the land of the free she didn’t have the political clout to stop most of the pro-gun laws that our legislature introduced. Now that she’s got the power of the federal government she might try to act out some of her big government fantasies.

  4. JKB Says:

    No better way to kill mass transit than to impose this theater on them. Busses and trains aren’t like flying. No one just jumps on a plane for a short trip anymore. Flying is an ordeal. But a bus or train that stops along the way, That passengers embark and debark to eat, get cup of coffee, etc. How do you keep that system closed? How about searching everyone who tries to use the Metro in DC or Subway in NY?

    Awareness is what is need by security, conductors and passengers. On the upside, if think someone has a bomb you can chuck them out the door on a bus or train.

    Let us not forget that the liberal holy grail is for all citizens subjects to be required to use the mass transit. People in cars smacks of freedom and that is only for those with proper thoughts and values.

  5. zeus.kingston Says:

    LOL at your headline Uncle!

    I flew into DFW from Guatemala a couple weeks ago and the Homeland Security pawn who was supposed to be directing people to the various lines had this to say:

    “Gosh! why don’t these people see that there is an empty lane over there? Gosh! I’m surrounded by morons!”

    *gives nasty look to passengers in lines*

    After that I proceeded to take off my shoes and spread my over-the-counter resistant athlete’s foot across the globe. I picked the athelete’s foot in the Navy (Oman 2003). The Navy doc even did a biopsy on my foot and took pictures for a medical journal. It is bad. Sorry folks… I had no choice.

  6. HTownTejas Says:

    It is about time to start killing these bastards

  7. HTownTejas Says:

    I am not remotely violent. But some people need killing, on principle.

  8. B Smith Says:

    I don’t fly anymore, and this circus-act is only part (okay, most) of the reason. I’ve never been on a train (no particular reason, never really thought about it, I guess), and I’ve taken my last damn ride on a bus some months ago (Someone characterized a bus as a “rolling bad neighborhood”, and he was f***ing exactly right…and a damned cramped one at that).
    When they outlaw cars,depending on enforcement levels, I’ll either break the law, ride a bicycle- which ought to placate the greenies for a year or two- or walk. Period.

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