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Even More Haslam and Guns

Michael Silence does some reporting:

I put a call into Haslam to get some response, and he graciously called me back. He said in retrospect he probably should not have signed a petition by the anti-gun group. But he noted at that time the first four or five goals of the group were planks “anyone would agree with. Too many of the wrong people have guns.”

After that, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg got involved in the group. “I’m not him,” Haslam said, adding the group “did go a different direction than I thought.” And he added, “I had no intention then and no intention now to change any gun laws.” And he added he “fully supports the Second Amendment.”

Good. But:

Haslam didn’t directly answer the question if he would quit the group. But he did express concern that that would appear to be “pandering” to pro-gun folks.

He should pander to us. We vote.

5 Responses to “Even More Haslam and Guns”

  1. Paul B Says:

    That would be called wiggle room. Personally I do not have much time for any politician that wants wiggle room. Makes them to much like a worm in my mind.

  2. DirtCrashr Says:

    At least pander to the Rational, the antis are not.

  3. Cham Says:

    You want criminals to have guns?

  4. Rustmeister Says:

    Criminals already have guns.

  5. Number9 Says:

    Pander is the word.

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