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Gillibrand Flip?

Could be. In comments, BH link to this:

At the news conference, Ms. Gillibrand defended her pro-gun legislative stance, saying that she “very much believes in protecting hunter’s rights” and that the pastime is part of “heritage and culture” of New York state.

But she also said that now that she represented the entire state, urban gun control issues would become part of her advocacy work.

“There’s a lot of concerns in many of our city communities about gun violence, about keeping our children safe and keeping guns out of the hands of criminals,” she said. “Those are concerns I share.”

Looks like she is catering to the NYC crowd since they have the money. Bitter advocates supporting her candidacy. I probably would assuming she clears up what she means by the statements above.

Update: I should note that her statements do not indicate a flip per se. However, the NYT spin of her words indicate otherwise. After all, keeping our children safe and keeping guns out of the hands of criminals is something most folks agree with. It’s just how you do that which is the point of contention.

3 Responses to “Gillibrand Flip?”

  1. Bitter Says:

    I support giving her an incentive to keep her positions.

    That said, considering this is really the only issue she’s coming under fire for, I’m fine with vague meaningless appeasement statements. We’re talking about New York, not Tennessee.

    If we can get her through the 2010 election without her having to cast any votes on the issue, then we can make her an unstoppable Senator who has no reason to throw us under the bus after that.

  2. Wolfwood Says:

    I, too, support keeping guns out of the hands of violent criminals and irresponsible children. See? That was easy.

  3. Tom Says:

    Which one of the gun control laws ALREADY on the book, or introduced, would do either? If none, then why are they one the books?

    She says that and I’ll send her money, otherwise it’s all a golden shower with explanations of freak spring showers popping up.

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