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Will Gillibrand Shift on Guns?

I hope not. But Chuck Schumer says so. So do the other usual suspects in the gun control pipe dream from NY. The trend seems to be something to the effect of she’ll change her mind once she sees the effect of gun violence in NYC. You know, that NYC with those restrictive gun laws? And still lots of gun violence. Why is that these sorts never seem to change their mind when they see that there isn’t much gun violence in, say, North Dakota, with some quite lax gun laws? No one ever asks that question. Even though that shift is more common.

Via Jay, who says: There’s nothing in Ms. Gillibrand’s voting record that anybody can point to that says she’s made it easier for criminals to get guns. Criminals can already acquire guns easier than law abiding people, especially in New York.

5 Responses to “Will Gillibrand Shift on Guns?”

  1. Bitter Says:

    More importantly, this is what gun owners can do to prove that switching positions is unacceptable. We have grassroots who can get involved and make donations. They don’t have that. Make it worth it for her to keep her pro-gun positions.

  2. Ron W Says:

    Gun control is all about people control….or else the ruling elite class would be willing to abide by all the gun control laws they impose on us. If “the equal protection of the laws” (14th Amendment) was applied, as it should, then gun control would go away.

  3. Brutal Hugger Says:

    From the NYTimes ( comes her most definitive statement. It’s very even-handed, which is just what she’s looking for as a candidate who needs to raise the majority of her money in NYC.

    At the news conference, Ms. Gillibrand defended her pro-gun legislative stance, saying that she “very much believes in protecting hunter’s rights” and that the pastime is part of “heritage and culture” of New York state.

    But she also said that now that she represented the entire state, urban gun control issues would become part of her advocacy work.

    “There’s a lot of concerns in many of our city communities about gun violence, about keeping our children safe and keeping guns out of the hands of criminals,” she said. “Those are concerns I share.”

  4. B Smith Says:

    Well, she sounds good so far. But something terrible happens to the intellect in Washington, DC.

  5. straightarrow Says:

    Obviously you don’t drive, or you would have recognized that she just signalled a U-turn.

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