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Economists play rousing game of I know you are but what am I

This is always fun. You may be familiar with John Lott’s book More guns, less crime. Then the refutation of the work by Ayers and Donohue. Then the debunking of Ayers and Donohue. And now there is another refutation of Lott’s Work. Of course, it’s because we gun nuts are liars and not because of any cherry picking of data. So, what’s next? The Bellisiles drinking game?

Update: My sources tell me that this particular article isn’t a refereed publication. I’m no academic but academics tell me that matters.

5 Responses to “Economists play rousing game of I know you are but what am I

  1. Robb Allen Says:

    I’d play that one with you, but I rather enjoy having my kidneys in tact.

  2. Mike Vanderboegh Says:

    My comment left at the snarky lefty’s blog (here I go, scaring the white folks again).

    How many economists (with their social scientist dates) can dance on the head of a gun control pin?

    The fascinating thing about intellectuals is that they actually believe that their trench warfare over footnotes and data actually MEANS anything in the grand scheme of things as we are faced with today.

    All of your snarky arguments are about to be overwhelmed by events. Either the society collapses under the economic tidal wave that is about to hit (in which case those who have firearms will no doubt survive better than those who eschew them, and the armed will be ill-disposed to obey any scheme that works toward their disarmament) or the Obamanoids will proceed with AWB2 and the federal seizure of control over all private transfer of arms (the ill-named lie called “the gunshow loophole”) thus sparking armed civil disobedience if not outright civil war.

    In the first event, you left-wing academics are either going to be stew for the cannibal’s pot, or pulling plows for those who are armed.

    In the second, those who advocate citizen disarmament of the “gun nuts” are going to be hiding in deep cellars and caves from those people who, having lost family members to a predatory government, will be using Bill Clinton’s Serbian rules of engagement to wipe out the political, media and intellectual underpinnings of that tyrannical regime.

    In any case, your footnotes will be used for kindling.

    Kinda makes you want to go buy a firearm, doesn’t it? Better hurry, before they’re all gone.

    Mike Vanderboegh

  3. ben Says:

    I usually turn to Tim Lambert on this stuff. His commenters are a bunch of idiots, but he does provide balance without being an idiot himself.

  4. Hartley Says:

    I can recommend reading the New England Journal of Medicine “review” of Lott’s book (on the Amazon page Uncle cited above) as an excellent primer for those who don’t understand how “facts” and “science” can be twisted by folks with a social agenda.

    To you & I, it is complete and transparent BS – larded up with “everyone knows” lies, woolly thinking and wild extrapolations, and lacking in any form of scientific rigor – yet there are thousands, if not millions of Americans who would would read it and nod their heads in complete agreement, since it agrees with their already-formed (but not fact-based) “feelings”.

    Mike, some will tell you you’re “scaring the white folks” – just keep in mind that reality scares almost everyone when they encounter it face-to-face..:-) If your lusty prose makes even one person dig in and actually THINK about consequences, we’re ahead.

  5. Linoge Says:

    Rather surprised that our favorite gunblogger troll has not shown up there or here… Oh well, I feel certain he will.

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