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More gun sales

From Joe’s visit to a gun shop: One has to wonder if we had put that much money and effort into defeating Obama in November would we have succeeded?

2 Responses to “More gun sales”

  1. Kevin Baker Says:

    No. The Stupid Party ran McCain. And the other front-runners weren’t any better.

  2. Big J Says:

    I believe Kevin is right McCain was a joke. Not only that but number of Obama voters I now see in gun shops buying guns an ammo what the hell are they doing, get out of here. Some people are just plain stupid today. I was talking to customization shop owner the other day who had a group young punks come in to his shop and after a few questions discovered they had voted for Obama. Part of this “Educated youth” vote Ha Ha! He yelled at them and told them to get lost because they may just cost him his job.