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Harsh words

Tom Ferda, a sports columnist of some kind, took issue with Codrea’s gun column. He displays his ignorance on the topic at hand and is then corrected. So, obviously, it’s us crazy gun nuts out to get him. In comments there, he asserts that:

The aggressive responses to my opinion and comment are the exact reasons many citizens want guns to be taken out of the hands of hard-core advocates–we fear you will use them just to get your points across.

Yeah, that makes sense. You use harsh words and have guns so, no doubt, you’re going to kill me for disagreeing with you. Perfectly reasonable. If you’re an idiot.

25 Responses to “Harsh words”

  1. Wolfwood Says:

    Ever feel like there’s a certain amount of projection going on?

  2. retro Says:

    The biggest problem with sticking your head in the sand is that it leaves your butt sticking up in the air for everyone who passes by to give it a swift (and deserving) kick.

  3. Bruce Says:

    Quel sac de douche!

  4. _Jon Says:

    Again, projection. He can’t trust himself to control his anger and not use a gun to resolve a dispute, so he projects that gun owners would do the same.

  5. redneckrepairs Says:

    No matter how our technology evolves ya just cant fix stupid .

  6. chris Says:

    The guy is shocked that we feel strongly about not incrementally relinquishing a Constitutionally protected natural right, a right that people have died to preserve for us.

    This guy spends his life yammering on about meaningless things like professional sports, who should enter the NFL draft, whether a coach should be fired, etc.

    His section of the paper has less substance than the Lifestyles section.

    It’s kind of funny, too, that he assumes that, because we have strong feelings about his wish to reduce and eliminate our rights, we are somehow dangerous since we also possess firearms.

    This isn’t a discussion, over a few beers at the sports bar, about who should get the NFL MVP this year.

    This is an important legal issue which affects our lives.

    He has no perception that we believe that owning guns carries a required level of temperment and responsibility.

    Wasting your life chatting about sports with a bunch of armchair quarterbacks requires no such maturity or responsibility.

  7. Chas Says:

    Markie Marxist sez: “That makes perfect sense! We have to take gun owners’ guns away from them, because the idea of taking their guns away from them makes them upset, so we have to take their guns away! As my commie compadres at the Brady Center say, ‘It’s just common sense!'”

  8. DeadCenter Says:

    Not my quote but I like it none the less…. “One thing I never understood about the gun control movement: They are in a huge rush to take guns away from people, thereby irking the hell out of said gun owners. It has always seemed like walking into a rattlesnake den, grabbing two of ’em wildly, and demanding all fangs be surrendered – Buddy, you are going to get bit!”

  9. Weer'd Beard Says:

    “Tom Ferda- National Sports Examiner: Many of us, but obviously very few of your readers, like seeing an effort to remove semi-automatic machine guns from the streets and people’s closets. Open your minds for a second and think about when these original right to bear arms laws were written. ”

    WOW Semi-Auto Machine guns! When somebody invents one of thems it SHOULD be banned ; ]

    He also has fun with that origonal intent game that Anti-Gunners lost ages ago.

    Stupid is as stupid does!

  10. Bobby Says:

    He doesn’t want any negative words from anyone, even if they are the truth. He finds fault with the USC coach stating the the QB doesn’t have enough experience to go to the NFL (only 16 college starts). He said that the coach should support the player, and be positive. He doesn’t know any more about sports and life than he does about guns and the constitution.

  11. ChrisTheEngineer Says:

    Thanks DeadCenter, the quote made my day.

    Weer’d Beard: I’m gonna research the engineering of those “semi-automatic machine guns,” it should prove quite interesting. Where is Carlin and his “jumbo-shrimp” when you need him?

  12. Ed Says:

    If his 1st Amendment rights were taken away, then he would be unable to make statements that provoke reponses in opposition to his. The people’s peace would be preserved. But thankfully that is no more going to happen then what he would advocate from fear of reprisal.

  13. FatWhiteMan Says:

    This tool has a website where he has a weekly feature called Bitch-Slap-Of-The-Week. I think he just made his own column.

  14. Number9 Says:

    Textbook projection. The first clue should have been “columnist”.

    What happened to the American Press?

    1). Invasion of the Body Snatcher

    2.) Radio Beams from Mars

    3.) Public Schools

    4.) The Internet

    Your Answer —————

  15. Kevin Baker Says:

    The aggressive responses to my opinion and comment are the exact reasons many citizens want guns to be taken out of the hands of hard-core advocates–we fear you will use them just to get your points across.

    Sooo . . .

    . . . he’s been introduced to Vanderboegh & Company?

  16. Huck Says:

    “The aggressive responses to my opinion and comment are the exact reasons many citizens want guns to be taken out of the hands of hard-core advocates–we fear you will use them just to get your points across.”

    Maybe they, the antis, should fear us! Are they not attempting to deny us our god given and Constitutionally guarenteed rights and freedoms? The time may soon come when we will need to use our firearms to make our point. The point that we will not tolerate our rights being trampled on!

    These sanctimonious, socialist bastards piss me off big time! We’re honest people, a lot more honest that the cretin Bobby Rush has been or ever will be and are certainly smarter that that jock strap sniffing Tom Ferda. We are no threat to ANYONE unless they mean us or our loved ones harm.

  17. Threeper Says:

    When the time comes, he will be one of the ones that “hangs separately” as Franklin spoke of.

    We are going to get our Republic back. Not a Democracy, which is mob rule, but a REPUBLIC, which is a rule of rights and law, whether prags like it or not.

    They will be the first ones blindfolded and placed against the wall in my book. Fifth columns are dangerous.

  18. Billy Beck Says:

    Hey, Baker: nice lie.

    Why don’t you run over there and do your fuckin’ homework?

  19. Wolfwood Says:

    Gee…reading #17, I can’t think for a moment what could convince a sportswriter that gun owners are likely to use violence to advance their arguments.

  20. Kevin Baker Says:

    Hey Beck, I’m not the one who wrote “There are some of us ‘cold dead hands’ types, perhaps 3 percent of gun owners, who would kill anyone who tried to further restrict our God-given liberty. Don’t extrapolate from your own cowardice and assume that just because you would do anything the government told you to do that we would.”

    Who feeds Freda’s paranoia, and who’s offering to educate him?

  21. mike w. Says:

    You know, Beck & Threeper’s comments are exactly the type that reinforce Freda’s beliefs and alienate others from the pro-rights cause.

    Jeez, you’d almost think they want an armed revolution…..

  22. straightarrow Says:

    Oh Hell no! We don’t want to warn anyone. We wouldn’t to try to educate as to the damage that will done to people and nation if they continue to try to enslave us. That just wouldn’t be responsible.

    I know, let’s do the pragmatic thing. Let’s sneak up on ’em and never let them have a chance to rethink their dangerous course.

    Let’s never ever give them a chance to reevaluate their desire to bring harm and slavery to us. If we cannot convince them to adopt our opinions, then we should let them continue down this deadly road with no chance on their part to be pragmatic and avoid all that dire shit.

  23. Kevin Baker Says:

    Straightarrow, there’s such a thing known as “Irish diplomacy” – “The ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way as to make them look forward to the trip.”

    Strategically I think it’s better to use the 2X4-between-the-eyes tactic for the truly obstinate, not as a general method of information-spreading.

  24. retro Says:

    oderint dum metuant

  25. Kristopher Says:

    Keven: Please continue to try to potty train them. Your efforts are appreciated.

    No sane man wants a shooting war. But if they ain’t gonna work with the MLKJr.s of the gun-owner’s rights movements, the Malcolm X’s will be waiting.

    While you say “Nice Doggy, Nice Doggy!” to these idiots, we will be looking around for a really big stick. Hopefully we won’t need it, but you never know …

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