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Yea, and God said unto Abraham ‘forgive us our trespasses; except trespassing is illegal’

Or gun controllers once again disregard the law.

Members of Heeding God’s Call, a potentially a shill group set up by Bryan Miller, decided to protest a gun shop. Get off of my lawn ensued:

Supporters outside the store’s entrance applauded and thanked protesters as police carted them off, one by one, in handcuffs.

“You couldn’t talk them out of getting locked up,” said Lt. Joseph O’Brien, of the Civil Affairs Unit. “Usually you could talk them out of it.”

Others weren’t so impressed.

“It’s trespassing,” said Capt. William Fisher. “I gave them three warnings to protest on the sidewalk.

“They feel they have an issue and they feel this is how they can get the most attention,” he said.

The demonstrators spent the night in jail and are facing charges of defiant trespassing.

Once again, anti-gunners don’t respect the law. They think you’re like them and that’s why they want you disarmed.

One Response to “Yea, and God said unto Abraham ‘forgive us our trespasses; except trespassing is illegal’”

  1. _Jon Says:

    I wrote an essay a while ago (probably on an earlier version of my blog) about how something like this will result in a shooting or the beginning of a civil war.

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