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Because now, you suck a little less

And we don’t hate you quite as much.

The Firearm Blog reports that H&K is going to produce a civilian version of their HK416 and HK417 rifles. Called the H&K MR556 and MR762.

Maybe they realized they were missing out on some major bling with the coming ascension? I dunno.

But HK fan boys can rejoice.

8 Responses to “Because now, you suck a little less”

  1. Gregory Morris Says:

    HK has been planning this for a while now… I talked to their reps at SOFIC last year, and they told me these civilian versions of their rifles were going to be released “soon”.

  2. Steve Ramsey Says:

    I don’t know what the price will be but I’m pretty sure it will be:

    1. More than it’s worth.

    2. More than I would ever pay.

    3. Have a long line of buyers who could care less.

  3. Eric Says:

    “To conform to German export regulations, certain design changes made in the MR556 prevents the rifle’s upper receiver from being used on other AR-style firearms.”

    HK: Because You Might Be Okay If We’re Drunk, But We’re Still Not Fans

  4. Dock Says:


    (I still don’t understand the H(K)aters but whatever. I don’t like GLOCKs so go figure.)

  5. KingsideRook Says:

    Yeah, they relocated the rear pin 6mm off so you can’t use the HK upper or lower with any other upper or lower. Way to miss the point of the system, HK…


  6. Eric Says:

    Anecdotally, Dock, I’d guess there aren’t many people that truly “hate” HK in a standalone sense. For me and most everyone I’ve talked to, it’s more of a Dane Cook effect: not aggressively “bad”, but not the huge deal a lot of people (and price tags) make it out to be. Tends to create negative reactions where merely bland feelings exist.

    Re the “export regulations”, though, why couldn’t HK use U.S. based manufacturing facilities? Not rhetorical… I’m really asking. Do they have any?

    Really it’s not like they’ll be selling these to any other civilians on the planet.

  7. Jim W Says:

    A gas piston upper that doesn’t work with normal AR-15 uppers? AWESOME! Where do I sign up?

    Seriously, fuck HK and their bullshit. If they want to sell me an AR-15, it had better be compatible with all the other AR-15s I own. It had better fit on to a full auto lower.

  8. retro Says:

    Too little too late – especially for a gun that offers nothing that so many others don’t already offer. Aside from inflated prices anyway…