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Plain and simple

In WI:

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has a simple, blunt message for hunters in Wisconsin: When a DNR warden asks you to give up your legal firearm, do so, plain and simple, no matter what.

What’s more, that goes for all citizens, the agency has asserted. Citizens with firearms, the DNR argues, should always do exactly what law enforcement officers tell them to do, regardless of the circumstances of the situation.

To which one former hunter education instructor for the department has an equally simple and blunt response: The agency’s directive is unconstitutional, plain and simple, and citizens don’t have to hand over their firearms without any probable cause.

3 Responses to “Plain and simple”

  1. _Jon Says:

    I read somewhere – I don’t know if it is true or not – that the DNR is an agency that can arrest the President if he violates one of their laws.

  2. CarlS Says:

    It’s a matter of law that any LEO can arrest the President if he breaks any law. Assuming, that is, that we can find a LEO who pays more attention to his or her oath of office than they do to risk of job loss. Oh, yes, and assuming we can find a judge who likewise honors his or her oath of offie than they do to their chance of a “Judge Judy” offer.

  3. RAH Says:

    Since the State does make specific regulations on type of firearm for hunting asnd whether the firearm is properly outfitted for hunting, I understand the reason that they can request a check of firearm when in the field.

    This may in fact contravene the 2A because it states carry. Perhaps many hunting regulations have to be reviewed in light of that. However it is not unreasonable since hunters have agree that they get a license to hunt that they also have agree to the regulations that pertain to the firearm. and the perogative of DNR to check if the regulations are being followed.

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