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Haslam distances himself from Bloomberg

Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam, a member of Mayors Against Illegal guns (see links here), addresses his membership at about the 9:30 mark, here. He just signed it and thinks they have six points everyone should agree with. I can’t find those points.

Obviously, he’s gearing up for his gubernatorial run.

Some bits:

[Bloomberg] has his own desire and thoughts about gun control that aren’t mine at all.


I am not an advocate of gun control.

Good. The group you belong to is, though. You should reconsider and withdraw from the group. Many other mayors have.

5 Responses to “Haslam distances himself from Bloomberg”

  1. countertop Says:

    He’s working overtime to keep any mention of the Bloomberg Connection off his wikipedia page.

    Wonder how he’ll stand up to a blistering assault by the NRA against him. Might be an angle worth exploring . . . to see if we can get them to force his resignation.

  2. Jason W. Says:

    All I know is that his position on guns seems awfully shifty…doesn’t give me a good feeling in my belly. I hope that the NRA sure grills him b/c the last thing TN needs is an anti-gun governor.

  3. Jay Wallace Says:

    Him being a part of the Mayor’s Against Gun Violence shows exactly where he stands. He is part of Bloomberg’s plan of having over 300 Mayors go after FFl holders. Work to put this guy out of office !

  4. Jim Lee Says:

    An anti-gun governor in Tennessee is a non starter.

  5. Number9 Says:

    When will Bill Haslam do the obligatory duck hunting farce?

    We should have a contest to pick the date.

    The ducks are safer than the observers.

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