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In gun-free England

Five knife deaths per week.

7 Responses to “In gun-free England”

  1. Tom Says:

    From what I hear, it’s better to be murdered with a knife than a gun. And I am pretty sure you are not quite as dead if you are murdered with a knife, so it’s got to be better than being even more dead, as you would be from a gun.

    You have to recognize that this is real progress. Hopefully they can get to the point where most of the murders are committed with frying pans and cheese graters, because that makes you even less dead than being murdered with a knife.

    We have to look forward to the day when 100% of the murders are committed with things other than guns, because then we will have solved gun crime!

  2. damon Says:

    Tom, that reminds me of a classic All in The Family episode, when that dopey leftist Gloria was wailing on and on about gun violence, and Archie’s response was – “well, would you rather they was pushed outta windas?”.

    good stuff.

  3. BWM Says:

    Woah. England is starting to resemble North Dakota!

  4. Robert Says:

    It’s ok, though, knife control and confiscation is well underway, so I guess after the knives are all gone UK will finally be Utopia.

    Of course, the criminals may start just using sticks…

  5. Tom Says:

    You see number of calls to 999 related to booze over there? Look at the pics to see just how crime free they are.

    Perhaps those limey twits not having an effective means of defense isn’t all bad. They obvious have control issues over there, so maybe a thinning of the inbred blue blood savage subject herd is in order. Perhaps someday they’ll be allowed into humanity.

    Thank God the founders had enough sense to gtfod.

  6. Number9 Says:

    Sticks and stones will be next. England has jumped the shark. Gone batshit crazy.

    I really wonder how far they will go?

  7. HarryK Says:

    Re: All In The Family

    It was an attack on traditional values. Yes, sometimes, common sense prevailed, but Archie–the representative of tradition–was a bigoted, crude lout. He regularly lost arguments with “Meathead,” who consistently espoused Norman Lear’s liberal views. Recall also that George Jefferson was the face of blacks in the show–loud, brassy, in-your-face, and infinitely more successful than the white Bunkers and Stivics.

    The quote is good, but its origin is… questionable, to say the least.

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