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Couple of blogging notes

In December, a first for me. I have exceeded my monthly bandwidth transfer limit of 40,000 MB. If this keeps up, I may have to upgrade my webhosting service.

And, because Les said it worked, I added the Share This plug in so you guys who are into Facebook, Stumble Upon and Digg can share the posts here with a click. I don’t use any of those services but, hey, you might.

4 Responses to “Couple of blogging notes”

  1. BWM Says:

    Congrats. 40k Meg is quite a lot considering it’s mostly text.

  2. chris Says:

    If you make any hardware or software changes, you may want to keep in mind that your site won’t format properly on any of my 3 computers.

    The page crunches up to the right hand margin.


  3. Steve Says:


  4. rick wagner Says:

    to Say Uncle……..your site does not work. first their is no place on the main page for a response, and the full page does not appear. at times your site shifts all the printed content to the right side of the screen, and sometimes only 1/2 of the site is in view. dont know what is going on but i can’t get your site to display properly. may only be me but i thought i would let you know.

    regards rick wagner

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