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Ya know, politicians with their various gun ban schemes like to tells us that the law-abiding gun owners have nothing to fear. I guess when it comes to law-abiding, they must think that we’re like them. Behold, some politicians passing illegal laws.

In Pittsburgh: Illegal Gun Law to go into Effect Soon

And in Seattle, they’re is a proposed ban despite an opinion from the AG that cities don’t have the authority to ban guns.

3 Responses to “Law-abiding”

  1. ben Says:

    Yeah, that Seattle thing, not gonna fly. If it passes, I’ll simply ignore it.

  2. Brigid Says:

    Two of my brothers life in Seattle and they keep trying to talk me into transferring there to be closer to the family. I love them, but I couldn’t stand the climate there. And I don’t mean the rain.

  3. Kirk Parker Says:

    Lots of talk about the Seattle situation here, including reports from people at the hearing starting on about the 6th page.

    Brigid, come out out–you can find plenty of places to live near but not in Seattle.