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Good way to get fired

Calling in gay. I would probably fire them. I mean, couldn’t you just let me know in advance that you’re going to be out on this day and take an appropriate vacation/sick day so I could plan accordingly? It’s nice to give notice when you know of an absence in advance. I support your cause but I got to manage too. Don’t be a dick for the cause.

14 Responses to “Good way to get fired”

  1. Robb Allen Says:

    What’s funny is how most businesses will simply adjust and move along. When they had the big “A Day Without Illegals” thing, not one person noticed and if anything, the roads were a little more open in the afternoon.

    Now, refuse to show up for a week or so, then you make a statement that’s harder to adjust to. Especially when they fire your ass.

    Here’s the hypocrisy – I bet at least 90% of these people call in sick and not “gay”. Because if they called in and said “I’m not coming in, not because I’m sick but because I want to make a political statement” they’d get canned (and for good reason). By calling in sick or using some excuse, they effectively cancel out any political statement they could make.

  2. Skullz Says:

    Maybe I’m confused, but is the idea that someone would attempt to use a sick day as part of this “Day without gay”?

    I would think that would be a quick way to get fired, since “gay” is not an illness. But what do I know?

    Could you imagine if the 2A supporters tried calling in “Armed”?

  3. Sebastian Says:

    It would suck to actually get sick that day, then call out. I mean, imagine you’re a single guy with no kids, who doesn’t talk much about his personal life.

    “Joe called out sick today.”

    “Ah, so Joe is — you know — one of those.”

    “That must explain why he never got married.”

    You know it’ll happen somewhere.

  4. Robb Allen Says:

    Me? I’d just call in “late” *wink* *wink*

  5. Number9 Says:

    I would think that would be a quick way to get fired, since “gay” is not an illness. But what do I know?

    In today’s job market this is one of the most stupid ideas yet. Technically this would be grounds for termination.

    Who came up with this bright idea?

  6. Sailorcurt Says:

    What’s interesting to me is the fact that the highest concentration of gays (and gay activists) is in the areas that are the most supportive of their cause (New York, San Francisco, etc.). Which means that the largest impact to employers and customers will be in the very areas in which they get the most support.

    Seems a bit counterproductive to me.

  7. Tom Says:

    Could you imagine if the 2A supporters tried calling in “Armed”?

    Yeah, with only 80 million of us, and generally being ones who, you know work, it’d be an awful statement that’d just “scare the white people”

  8. Wolfwood Says:

    Oh good; there’s an ongoing RKBA civil war going on throughout the gun blogs!


  9. tgirsch Says:

    Ha! I heard a local DJ make a reference to “calling in gay,” but I had no idea what it was all about. Now I do…

  10. Manish Says:

    I agree with Sailorcurt…its going to have the highest impact in places with broad support for gay rights already. The same thing happened with the day without neighborhood in San Francisco was pretty much shut down.

  11. Wolfwood Says:

    Am I the only troglodyte whose first thought was as follows:

    “Hello, both. I’m not thick today; I’m fabulous. I jutht wanted you to know that I’m piththed off about that horrible, icky Prop 8 in Cali. I’ll be in tomorrow. Ta ta!”

  12. Linoge Says:

    Well, I guess that explains what all of that was about.

    Unsurprisingly, I did not notice a decrease in attendance at my place of employment, nor at any of the other businesses I visted today. Of course, neither did I really care…

  13. workinwifdakids Says:

    Don’t be a dick for the cause.

    I want a bumper sticker:

    Uncle Says “Don’t Be A Gay Dick”

  14. Jurjen S. Says:

    To respond to Number9’s question, sounds to me like this is a spin-off from the “Day of Absence,” in which all blacks at a particular institution stay away from work for a day to raise awareness of how indispensable they are. The problem with this sort of thing is that if you don’t give everyone a heads up in advance, it’s effective but inconsiderate, whereas if you give advance warning, thus allowing everybody else to make accommodations for your absence, it’s less inconsiderate, but totally negates the point you’re trying to make, namely how indispensable you are.

    It’s a clever enough idea in principle, I suppose, but it’s not very easy to put into practice.