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been there, done that

Translating catalog-speak into English:

  • “Drop In” Installation: Some fitting required.
  • Some Fitting Required: Better take it to a good gunsmith.
  • Gunsmith Installation Recommended: …and bring money.
  • 3 Responses to “been there, done that”

    1. Phelps Says:

      I dunno, I just bubbaed my SKS with a Tapco “drop in”, and all I had to do was remove a little bit of flashing at the front with my dremel. I could have done it with my pocketknife, but… dude, dremel time!

      Of course, I couldn’t get the stupid rivet out of the old gas tube even with grinding, so I ended up ordering a new gas tube with the Tapco furniture already attached. So I guess it wasn’t drop in. But it will be when the new tube arrives. I hope.

      I would have gotten the tube if I had ordered an entire compliance kit, but I figure that we are back to Waco Rules and if they are going to check, they are going to convict me of something anyways.

    2. Robert Says:

      I lucked out on a “drop-in” ATI stock for my Mosin-Nagant M38. It did in fact drop in without any modification to the stock.

      Getting the original wooden stock off of the rifle was actually more trouble than fitting the new stock was.

    3. paulb Says:

      Similar problem with a barrel that is supposed to fit all ithaca’s above a cetain serial number.

      Even seen the effect is add on car parts.

      Tolerance is a pain in the ass. More ways that one.