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Not at all

Is owning a gun embarrassing?

Only if you’re a Democrat:

According to gun shop owners, Democrats buying guns are on the rise.

Pretty anecdotal but, if true, cool.

8 Responses to “Not at all”

  1. JJR Says:

    My gun ownership and enthusiasms are definitely something I bring up only later after I’ve established my “lefty cred” in other areas, admittedly.

    I haven’t been out buying new guns lately (I’ve already got a nice arsenal, thanks) but I have been picking up spare magazines for my existing handguns. There’s going to be a new IDPA range (re)opening near my hometown in the Spring, and I’m eager to get involved.

    I think my next firearms acquisitions will be in the area of Cowboy action shooting. I have a few single action revolvers but to compete (shoot all the stages) in the group nearest where I live, you also have to have a period-authentic levergun and shotgun, which I don’t have…so maybe a nice coach gun and a Henry arms levergun in .45 LC or .38 sp.

  2. Manish Says:

    how would a gunshop know your political affiliation?

  3. Captain Holly Says:

    I’m with Manish: I don’t remember marking a box on the 4473 for political party.

    This is probably the result of one gun shop owner mentioning to the reporter that a customer claimed to be a Democrat when he bought his gun.

    The reporter, assuming that no self-respecting Democrat would ever own guns, extrapolated the statement into evidence of a massive Tsunami of Birkenstock-clad college professors snapping up Class III weapons.

  4. Linoge Says:

    Well, if Democrats are not purchasing firearms, they should be.

    And if they are, more power to them. Firearm rights should never have turned into a left vs. right, conservative vs. liberal, Republican vs. Democrat fight, and it is unfortunate for all parties that it has.

  5. Wolfwood Says:

    Eh, maybe he’s just seeing a lot of folks walking in with “Barack the Vote” shirts. It wouldn’t be the leap-of-all-leaps to assume such people are Democrats.

  6. dave Says:

    I just gotta say “ditto” on Linoge’s comment. Everyone’s rights should be protected, regardless of political (or any other) affiliation.

    It’s probably just anecdotal, but from what I’ve noticed it seems that firearm ownership has increased and become more acceptable among Democrats…or at least the ones I’ve talked to. I definitely see that as a good thing. If something happened (and God forbid) that the citizenry be required to take up arms, I would rather see the Democrats as my brothers-in-arms than my enemy or as innefectual bystanders.

    “The great object is, that every man be armed. […] Every one who is able may have a gun.” -Patrick Henry

  7. Huck Says:

    Embarassing to own a gun? I’d be embarrassed/ashamed to be a democrat.

  8. Murdoc Says:

    Yes, anecdotal. But it isn’t the first report like this. has a shop owner claiming that people with Obama buttons or shirts buying guns. Still only anecdotal, and probably emphasized because it seems counterintuitive, but not nothing, either.

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