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Fourth Generation Glock Follow Up

Some speculation here and at some forums about this ad showing the new Fourth Generation Glocks. Well, I made some calls. And, according to my sooper seekrit sources, turns out that it is real. Debuts at the Shot Show this year.The cross-hatched serrations may or may not make the final cut. I’d like for them to put some serrations toward the front of the slide myself, as it makes press checking the weapon easier.

Also, just in time for the election, rumors are that Glock will begin manufacturing in the US. This is good on a few fronts. One reason is that the onerous import restrictions on sporting arms as applicable to handguns won’t apply. So, you may be able to get a Glock 28. Dunno why you would, since it’s the same size as the 26. But you probably want one because you can’t have one. Another advantage is that if the Obama administration starts tossing out anti-gun executive orders further limiting importation of weapons (like George Bush 1 did), they have a domestic facility for production.

In other Glock news, there is a Glock Shooting Sports Foundation in Knoxville on December 6. I’d love to go but Junior has a gymnastics meet that day.

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